Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Some Days the Roller Coast Effect Can Be Tough

Some days I know will be rough and today so far has been. I made the mistake of taking a phone call late last night even though I should have been going to bed. I stayed up way later than I was planning too. Then my low blood sugars started and continued on and off all night long. I did make adjustments this morning to my night basals. I know I have been going to the gym and since I was so ramped up from the Adrenaline rush I had from sky diving I worked out harder than I was planning too. I normally can handle this but with all the other stuff it made today a lot more difficult. I know that the less sleep I get the more lows. Today has been a tough morning because my pump keeps say please prime after I added a new cartridge and changed my tubing as I normally would. This is the most annoying part of having the Animas Vibe is the prime thing which I experienced more frequently with the Animas Ping. So far it has not happened as often with the Vibe.

The lows were not so bad but I did get into a little bit a mental fog with one low which took me a while to figure out I was low. I did become disoriented but thankfully I was able to get my sugar up after deciding to eat lunch early. Thankfully I do have snacks at my desk and juice in my fridge to help with these lows. Duchess was trying to alert but I know when I get foggy headed she can get frustrated with me and my lack of response. I did get things back up but now I am rebounding because everyone keep trying to get me to eat more which I didn't need which is now causing me to bounce up and possibly drop down later. I know most of the time I don't have days like that but I am hoping that I can get things back on track. I know I do better when I treat my own lows instead of people trying to help because the don't understand the rebound effect. I do appreciate the help though.

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