Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Goal

                 Since I now have a new Endocrinologist I can start to work on some new things this year. In particular growing up I was always told I was bad if I had a high or a low and that really makes life difficult. We all know that is unrealistic because you could eat the same lunch everyday and get different results. I am trying to work on being nicer to myself when I am high or low. I get very upset and can rage bolus from time to time. I am trying to relax and be kinder to myself we are all human and can make mistakes. I know I am usually pretty good when it come to carbohydrate counting but even with that you can easily underestimate or overestimate so easily. I know I get angry or grumpy as it is when I am low and I need to realize that I have struggled the my whole time as a diabetic which big extremely quick drops. I don't think there is always a way to avoid them but I am always trying. I am also working on finding ways to not feel so guilty if I have a high or low and move on from it. I know realistically that it is bad when you weeks of highs or low and that most of the time that is not the case and I need to be more forgiving with myself. I work very hard to control my diabetes and need to find ways to continually reward myself for all the hard work. I know the new Dr. never said one word about missing a couple of 2 hour post meals but instead was like thank you for testing so much. It was nice to feel like someone noticed all the work I put into it. I am hoping to learn what I should of years ago. My blood sugars should have no reflection to who I am as a person but should be that I am person who tries. At the end of the day diabetes will never be easy but I will never put up with a Dr. who calls their patients bad because they have too many lows or highs instead of looking to how they can help the patient improve.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Alert is Better than I Expected

                    I have been so pleased with Duchess and her progress with switching to her new alert with the Bringsel. She is alerting on her own by bringing me the Bringsel and it seems to be working great. In fact she seems much more enthusiastic about her job in general. She is alerting earlier which is wonderful. I know she was seeming burnt out to an extent but now she is back to alerting much sooner and with so much more exuberance. She in fact this week was showing them her new alert. She went desk to desk showing them her new alert. I need all the staff and manager to know anytime I change my alerts so they know what signals to look for if something is wrong. She has went to them before seizures at work which is what I need her to do. She continually amazes me at how fast she learns. She loves to learn new tricks or tasks. I am needing to come up with some new things to teach her soon to keep her mind active and alert.

Duchess with her Bringsel on her new Kuranda Dog cot at work.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Endo

                    I went to my new Endocrinologist visit today and was pretty pleased. They came up with a new idea to deal with my infusion set issues. I am now doing hydrocortisone cream before I insert a new infusion set. They think my body is reacting to the infusion sets likes its a virus or foreign substance which I thought it was the issue all along. Hopefully that will work out. If not then I will switch to Apidra. They also are looking at my basal rates because my daily basal rate its 18 units and the carbs I am eating is on average only 5 units of insulin a day and I am actually full. They said normally it is a 50 percent basal and 50 percent bolus. I am not a big eater since I have been gluten free and honestly I am usually so busy eating does not always come first like it should. I also know that relates back to my eating disorder I have dealt with as well. I am glad this new Endocrinologist is now looking at other options to solve my issues. They are also looking at why I have Osteopenia which is basically per-osteoporsis at such a young age. They discovered by low bone density at age 29. I am glad someone seems to care about it as much as I do.

                       So far so good we will see what happens next appointment. They are looking at some other diabetic related things to get me back on track. I guess I will see where it all goes but really excited I was not lectured for having lows but instead was treated like a person who is trying to manage their diabetes. It was quite refreshing.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Lessons relearned

                          Saturday started out like a fairly normal day for me. I got up and had plans to meet a good friend for a birthday lunch. I had been looking forward to seeing her again it had been a while since we had been able to get together. Duchess absolutely adores my friend and she like her as well. So we had lunch and as usual when I went out I had a salad because it was the gluten free menu and I was okay with the salad choice. I brought a granola bar to eat because the salad dressing were the only carbs I was in-taking for lunch. I like to have some Kind bars on hand for such an occasion. I ate my salad and felt full so I decided to not eat the Kind bar. I have on occasion skipped lunch and felt it would be fine. I had breakfast that morning so I was very comfortable with my choice. So after lunch and shopping I headed home and then my pump site went bad so I changed it out. I started getting hungry and it was around dinner time so I decide I need to heat up some left over chili for dinner. I am in the kitchen and heating it up when my legs gave out from under me. I hit the floor and then my roommate heard me came to the kitchen and helped me to the couch and let me rest. He got me a glass of juice. I know Duchess had alerted before I went to the kitchen I really wish I had listened to her instead of ignoring her and went to go heat up some food.

                          I am not sure why I ignored her when she has never been wrong in her alerts. I have a feeling that my blood sugar dropped very quickly so I am sure that my thought process was very cloudy. When my blood sugars gets low quickly I get into a thick fog of sorts that I am so out of it. I know Duchess had went into my roommates bedroom before it happened to let them know but they were not sure what she wanted. I really struggle at times to do things such as test or treat lows when I am in the foggy thought processes most of the time I figure it out but it can take a while. I know this weekend was another good example of why I need to never ignore Duchess's alerts because honestly it is one of the few things these days that keeps me safe.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Rough Month So Far

                   It has been an interesting start to the new year so far. I am really making some big changes in my life from changing Endocrinologist, looking for a new job, changing Duchess alert for lows or highs and personal changes. I have found that January has been a terribly difficult month so far with having such a tough visit back home In December. Normally I come back from my time off with much more patience than this time around. I am planing not to visit home anytime soon because I am much more relaxed where I live or I just might make a much shorter trip. I know my family loves me but since they have forgotten how difficult things can be I find that I need to have more space, because they get angry if I'm too low or too high. I do my best to handle my diabetes but life has changed so much from over 4 years ago before I had hypoglycemia unawareness. I don't need my family sympathy just a little understand would go a long way. I also wish they could see how amazing Duchess is but I know that will never happen. So I am taking what I have learned and moving forward. I am hoping all these changes to come will help makes things easier in the long run.

This is my only picture of Duchess using a Bringsel to alert but her eye's look very devilish.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where I am Currently At

                I am finding that I am pulling myself out of diabetic burn out but it is really day by day. I am still missing on following up on some 2 hour blood sugars but I am getting most of them compared to before. I have not work my dexcom in a couple of weeks but I have been thinking about giving it another try. I think I needed a break from all the being woke up in the middle of the nights and the alarms which drive me crazy. I am working on logging my blood sugars but I am concerned because I have an up coming appointment my new Endocrinologist office. I also had too jump through referrals getting medical records sent before they would even let me schedule an appointment. Going to a new Endocrinologist office being burned out is less than ideal but I needed to make the change. So I really need this up coming appointment to go well because right not I'm not sure I can take another your a bad diabetic because you have so many lows. I am getting there step by step and I feel more optimistic about it but I am not quite there yet.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Are you Blind?

                         I had an interesting experience this weekend while I was leaving the grocery store. I had rented a red box movie and was returning it. I get approached by the woman who asks if I am blind which is quite funny because as I am talking with her I am inserting the movie in the return slot of the red box movie station. Then she asks since I am not blind what does she do. I told her she was a medical alert dog. So she asks again and your not blind no I have medical issues. This really seemed to puzzle the woman for a couple of minutes and she was so surprised that I could take Duchess in the store with me because of a medical condition. I mentioned that there is many disorders that are are hidden disabilities and I have one. I know she asked what my condition was but I knew it create a very long conversation and I needed to finish grocery shopping at the store. So I told her that I did not have time to discuss my personal health issues and had to go. Sometimes ignorance is bliss for some people but I have never quite had such a puzzled look from another person. I am sure she had a ton of questions but I find it funny because the woman had a sight issue herself. I am not quite sure what to think but all I know is that these crazy encounters are part of my life anytime I have Duchess with me. Who knows what I will encounter next but I honestly have to laugh at these encounters sometimes. I think laughter about diabetes and having a service dog is a great thing.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Video about Service dog Handlers

                 There is a You tube video about what people say to service dog handlers that is really so true. I just had to share because I think it is really funny but very accurate at the same time. Hope you enjoy the video as well. The language could bother some people just to warn you. I have experienced most of the things shown in the video. It is a crazy world sometimes having a service dog with you. I know I did not expect my life to be what it is but I try my best to ignore some of it.


                    An update on the bringsel training with Duchess is going so well. In fact she seems to be enjoying her job much more which is what I was aiming for. I will continue to update you on the progress of her training

Friday, January 18, 2013

Occlusion Fun

                    I normally do not get many occlusions but I did last night. I have trouble hearing my pump at night I think I block it out to an extent. I was not surprised to be in the two hundred range blood sugar wise with having an occlusion. I got out of bed to change my IV 3000 because without if my site would only last two or three hours. I changed my infusion set and tubing. I then did a correction and went back to sleep. Honestly I tossed and turned til my alarm was blaring at 5:30am this morning as usual. I am sure the less sleep will catch up with me later today but at least my blood sugar was not crazy high. I have a feeling the pump had been beeping at me for a while. I think I might have to try to pump my pump is something to make it louder so I might wake up. I have had trouble with this for around 3 years now but the funny part is that my Dexcom I hear every time.

Duchess Alerting this morning

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Keeping Duchess Happier

                I have been working on my relationship with Duchess because our relationship is key to keeping me safe. He wanting to continue working at her job is necessary because the more she likes her work the better she will perform her job. I do spoil her rotten but I believe she has earned every bit of it. I am trying to make things more exciting for her by trying new activities to do while on break such as a little training plus play time. This balances out the amount of training to small amounts her and there instead of a longer training session. I have also been trying new stimulating toys that require some thought process on her part to figure out how to get the treat out of the container or a dog puzzle. She seems to like these activities as well. I am thinking of doing some rally activities in the future with Duchess she is very good jumper and obstacle courses I think would be something fun for her to do. She is so smart I am always looking for ways to keep her active and happy.The happier the dog the better alerts.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ugh One of Those Days.

                  Today was a rough start to the day it was a colder morning of 30. I had Duchess in her service dog vest and on top a little dog jacket. She was acting like she was cold so I want her to be as comfortable as possible does she need a jacket most likely not but if it makes her happy I'm fine with it. So I get on the bus as usual. First there is two people who I have never seen ride the bus before and sure enough it lead to issues. The first guy who came over and asked if he could pet Duchess and I said No she is working. The man did listen and said she was a beautiful dog. I was not in the best of moods this morning which did not help things. Then another man comes up and sits down and proceeds to pet Duchess. I pull Duchess towards me and asks that he did not pet Duchess. I did not explain that she was a working dog and I'm sure I came off as rude but honestly I was not in a mood to have to explain things. Some days I am great about doing but I had already had a low this morning and was kind of grumpy because of it. After the guy stops petting her he gets off the bus and says to me I am a nice person. Regardless if you are a nice person or not most people should ask before you pet another person's animal.

                    I am astonished at the fact that the person did not clue into the fact that normally you will not see pets riding the bus usually only a service animal. I will never get why my service dog is supposed to be there for other people's amusement. I will never let my service dog to be pet by the general public because she needs to focus on her job. She is a beautiful dog who is full of personality and I'm sure she would be fun to play with but I wish people would really understand I am not being mean just trying to keep Duchess focused.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Update on Steps for Being Burned Out

           I have been working on getting myself out of the black whole I call being burnt out. Some days are easier than others. I finally have gotten things better with my Dexcom but my pump site issues still frustrate immensely. I know the steps I have been following seem to be helping but honestly even with the steps it can be a struggle. I am taking things one day at a time and going from there which makes things seem less daunting. I also know the me being burnt out can also affect Duchess as well. If I am not testing when she alerts that could cause her to not alert so I am careful not to disturb Duchess's alerting patterns. She has been doing well even if I am struggling to handle all the issues that have been going on.

           The extra special part that Duchess provides is an extra push to do what I need to do which is helping me. I also know that her being my best friend she helps me just being who she is. She has kept me more up beat during this burn out than some of the one's in the past. I do have to say making my list of things I am going to do have helped immensely and having such supportive friends in the diabetic community. Duchess is so dedicated to her job it is inspiring and a good reminder to me that I need to try and have the same focus even when things get tough. I am sure I will get back on track soon but until then at least I have a plan.

Step to help with being burned out:

1. Changing Dr.'s to one that will be more supportive.

2. Reward such as doing something fun or a massage if I test two hours after meals, log entries for the week, download pump and CGM data and review for patterns.

3. Using a journal to work through my feelings so I can move on from the frustration and negativity I am currently feeling.

4. Making sure I have time every evening to get my supplies packed for the next day, double check if anything needs to be changed out or updated. That way I start each day off right not running around trying to get everything together before I leave for work.

5. Spend some downtime every night to just relax I know when I feel burned out I just need time.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Changes That Need to Be Made.

                    This year I am going to spend more time working on me. I am an over stressed, over worked and very independent person. I know I have issues that our caused by the stress and my work and this year is dedicated to addressing many of the issues that our causing me stress or make my life more difficult. As a single woman with no real support from my family I have a heavy burden to bear in some ways. As an adult I can handle this but I have to rethink some of the things in my life and how I handle them. I think I can be a happier diabetic if I work on myself and worry less about my family. I am always trying to go a hundred miles an hours and sometimes it is not possible for me. I also need to realize that by working on these issues I can be a better friend and have more time for wonderful things in my life. I know my family's reaction at Christmas to my low was handled very poorly and they truly have forgotten how much work it is but also how easily at times. I have decided this year to share less information about my diabetes with my family because they just don't get it because I have been away from them so long they have truly forgotten what it is like for me and even with all the devices it can be very hard to deal with lows.

                    I am blessed to of found the DOC because you have been my support system in so many ways. I no longer feel the need to even try to share my diabetic issues with my family. This blog has given my a ways to express all my feeling and fears without judgement. Thank you too everyone who has commented and take the time out of your day to read my blog. I have a lot of work to do but for the first time in quite a while it really does not seem to be quite as overwhelming but rather just some simple adjustments.


Friday, January 11, 2013

Frustrations over My Dexcom

                    Yesterday was a tough day of fighting with my Dexcom. I had my other sensor which was due to be changed. So I pull it off and proceed to get a new sensor out. The trouble I have had it that I cannot get my transmitter to snap into place. It took me around 30 minutes before I finally got the sensor to snap in place. I proceeded to start the new sensor and made it to where I enter my two start up blood sugars as I normally would. So I enter my blood sugars and less than a minute later failed sensor please replace. So I pulled the sensor and the wire was in place as it should of been the sensor was snapped in place and my site was not red or any sign of an issue. I had used alcohol to clean the transmitter before snapping it in so I have no idea why it failed but I am sure that having issues did not help anything. I was at work so I only had one sensor on hand so I waited til I got home.

                      I got out another sensor and I get the Dexcom inserted as usual. Then it comes time to snap in the transmitter. Again the arms of the snaps are so stiff they won't latch onto the transmitter. I try and try til my hands hurt from trying to snap the transmitter onto the sensor. I tried for 45 minutes. I think they sent me a batch of bad sensors. The first sensor had a broken transmitter latch but I was able to get the sensor to last a week which is good. I also have not seen any improvement in the reliability of the sensors in fact the Dexcom seven was closer onto my blood sugars than the G4 has been so far but mabey I will see the better sensors reliability the longer I use it. Dexcom has been very responsive when I have called about the sensor issues but I honestly am frustrated because I have went through two sensors in one day and I only have one left but I fear I will have the same issues with snapping the transmitter in. I have never had such issues until this batch of Dexcom sensors.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Basket on the FLoor

              I have had on occasions over the past 4 years to where I needed to access glucose or treatments for a low. I tend for some reason while sleeping if I am low I tend to end up on the floor and I never remember what happens so I have little explanation as to why I am on the floor. One time 4 years ago I was by myself that night and I awoke on the floor and could not reach my glucose tabs or skittles they were on my nightstand next to the bed. I did not have enough energy to pull myself back up on the bed for a while so I had to wait til I could, which is dangerous. I know it sounds funny but I have a basket by my bed on floor with skittle, glucose tabs, and test kit. I have found this to be of use if I do fall down off the bed. I have Duchess trained to get my test kit and tabs if I can't reach them and she had done so well doing that for me. I just feel so much safer having them on the floor because I can wait for my blood sugar to go up before I try to get back on my bed.

                It feel so strange to say that is what I do but it makes me feel safer and the basket is a place Duchess always knows where the items I need are so it works well for both of us. I have had some times where my Dexcom said I was 103 but I was actually 30. Most of the time it is close but there is times my blood sugars moves so quickly there is now way it would register the change. I am so glad Duchess is her to help me during times like those because honestly with limited brain function things can be very complicated. In fact my skittle are not in the bags but in a plastic baggy because I find it easier to open when I'm low. I also make sure all the wrappers and seals are removed in case I am low and would have trouble opening. The funny thing is that some people can open things easily others are like me. Another example of the gray of diabetes and how it affects us all differently.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Steps to Recover from Being Burnt Out

            Since I have been feeling burnt out I need to get things back to a better place again. So I am taking it one day at a time or basically one test at a time. I did really well yesterday I did make every two hour after meal test again. I am in no way excited or really want to do anything at this point but I know I need to get back up on the horse regardless to how I feel. I have been feeling like a complete diabetic failure for months now and I feel better saying. Hopefully I can move on from this feeling. Below is a list of things I am going to try and see if they can help me get back on track. I know I need a plan and this is what I decided it would be this time. I know I can do well for a couple of days then go back to slacking. So I know I will need plenty of incentive usually to get me back on track. I know it takes around 21 days to make things a habit on average. So I know I will be spending quite a bit of time doing the steps below.

1. Changing Dr.'s to one that will be more supportive.

2. Reward such as doing something fun or a massage if I test two hours after meals, log entries for the week, download pump and CGM data and review for patterns.

3. Using a journal to work through my feelings so I can move on from the frustration and negativity I am currently feeling.

4. Making sure I have time every evening to get my supplies packed for the next day, double check if anything needs to be changed out or updated. That way I start each day off right not running around trying to get everything together before I leave for work.

5. Spend some downtime every night to just relax I know when I feel burned out I just need time.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Fell Over the Cliff

              I have been in total burn out mode for the past 4 weeks. I have been testing less and I honestly have not been doing my normal tracking of my blood sugars. I know my constant visits to the Endocrinologist office when they have been really difficult to deal with, continued pump site issues, constant winter basal change for me which is normal have all pushed me over the cliff. I know yesterday I went to see my CDE who is great we were discussing my crazy blood sugars over Christmas and recent basal changes. She told me not to be so hard on myself that I spend so much time going over all this stuff she is surprised I did not feel burned out earlier. My CDE is also a type 1 diabetic and she also told me she was happy I was changing over to my new Endocrinologist at the end of the month. She is hoping that will help to alleviate some of my stress. Some times if you have the wrong Dr. it can make life so much more difficult. We also looked at some alternatives things to try with the pump site issues. My CDE is recommending that I change to Apidra insulin because she also thinks that really could help. I know Humalog and Novolog are both so similar and I have a feeling because the Apidra is different that could very well be the answer.

               I am going to be make sure I am doing my two hour after meal tests and more frequent testing in general. I want to have information to give to the Endocrinologist when I go. I am hoping for no more of your a bad diabetic because you have too many low conversation or that I am not working hard enough. I am tires after 32 years of being told I am a bad diabetic even when I am really trying my best. I really wish physician would understand what happens when you tell your patients that. For me personally it sets me off into I don't care mode. I know I hate to feel like a failure and this past Endocrinologist made me feel that way. Here is too a new year of improvements to come and a new start.

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Perspective

                 I have to say that I am very happy living in Texas with Duchess even with the occasional public access issues for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons was on my recent visit to Seattle/Tacoma area there was a great deal of people taking their dogs to grocery stores and malls. I was really made about the stores allowing this. It is really against most states health codes to have animals in grocery stores. Duchess is different because she is trained to handle all the sounds, noises and environment of a store. She is also bathed and groomed to a different standard than a pet would be. I was really astonished at this but what made very mad was an incident at a store.

                  There was a man and a little mixed breed dog at the store. The dog started off barking constantly at Duchess then proceeded to try and jump out to the cart. The owner grabbed the dog and luckily got the dog to stay in the cart. The dog was really frantic to get at Duchess and he as walking by continued to try and get out of the cart. I am not a fan of people taking the dogs to the store for health reasons alone and number one reason is Duchess's safety. I am very protective as anyone would be one your so bonded to your dog but also because she makes it possible to have freedom and the ability to work full time. I will never take for granted my rights but this is crazy how everyone needs to take their dogs with them to the grocery stores or restaurants. I find it to be a lot of work even with a trained animal but I can't imagine what it would be like with an untrained dog. Some of the reasons service dogs retire early are usually health issue or dog attacks. The dog attacks can cause fear for the service animals and some never return to work after a bad attack. I am learning that I really support stores being tough about who has a dog in the stores like in Texas because I found it too be too chaotic in Seattle with the dogs going everywhere.

Friday, January 4, 2013


                     I have learned over my Christmas vacation which airline I will try to avoid in the future is United Airlines. I try to book a bulk head seat for my flight home and got one but then my flight ended up changing 5 more times. So the last flight I was placed on was a full flight and there were not many seats I could get. The bulkhead seats were taken. I asked the airline for a middle or window seat usually they have more room. Instead the airline put me in an aisle seat. I try to get my seat changed before I boarded the plane but sadly they decided that a lady who wanted to sit next to her husband was more important than Duchess having enough room. So I did my best to make Duchess comfortable but honestly it was hard for her to squeeze into the aisle of the seat. I was not the only service dog team flying that day and neither of us were able to get the bulkhead seating we normally get. Most airlines save the bulkhead for disabled passengers but when I boarded the plane I have a feeling those passengers were not disabled. I felt bad all the way home because Duchess could not move around at all. She was bumping the sides of the bars from the seat above. She was agitated most of the flight and was less than ideal for an almost 4 hour flight. I tried my best to get better seats. I was really hoping that United would be as accommodating as Delta and Southwest had been. My favorite airline to fly with Duchess is Southwest by far because they always give me preboarding and try to seat people not next to me if possible. They go the extra mile where United did nothing but put service dog teams in the smallest seats possible.

                       I posted earlier a complaint for poor treatment from United Airlines. I now have seen first hand why they being investigated for that incident. I wish I could say that I think they would change but I do not think so. Hopefully my next flight will be much better but I'm sure it will because it will be with one of the airlines that has earned by business by getting me more room to make a long flight easier.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


                        Today is my first day back in the office for the New year. I am hoping I can get back into my routine as quickly as possible but I guess we will see. Last year it took me a couple of days to get there. Duchess was completely back on track when I got back home which is great. She has been really good about alerting me pawing or licking my hand. I am not going to train her to use a bringsel because she seems to not like the lick or paw method as much now. I think she just needs some change. Normally Duchess and I find an agreeable method for the alerts. She lows to bump my hand but I really do not like that kind of alert or a whine. I hate whining in general so that would not work for me. I tend to ignore her when she whines and bumps my hand. I am not sure if the bringsel will work but worth a try. I will keep you updated on my progress of the training. I am open to making the process of her alerting easier. If the dog tires of an alert they could also stop alerting as well normally Duchess lets me know in her own way that she wants to change alerts.


                         The most interesting thing about diabetic alert dogs like Duchess is how they let you know when they are ready for a different alert. I know she is very smart and still continues to amaze me with ability to communicate the need to change in her own way. I am not a fan of using a bringsel but it will work better for her I will try it out. I am just affraid that I will miss a low if she is just standing there with a bringsel. The good part is that she can use her old alerts as a back up method of alerting. I am hoping this will also keep her interest in alerting these dogs are so smart sometimes doing the same task can become boring so always good to be trying new things.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Family Drives Me Crazy

                 My trip home recently had some down falls. It was difficult dealing my family's unrealistic expectations of Duchess. An alert dog is not perfect and can miss a low here and there. The funny thing Duchess was doing during the trip is that she was constantly trying to tell others that I was low instead of me. It lead to a bad low the day I was leaving. I know she tried to tell my dad but he thought she wanted attention. I tried to tell them if she is licking them to let me know so I can check. Sure enough they did not listen. I know my dad told me that she is a worthless dog and should not be a service dog. After my low my sister and dad both were like she did not alert you when you were low. Even though they had seen her alert before they blamed her. I know after the low she went to lick my dads hand and he learned to finally tell me. I tested and sure enough I was 120 and moving down. He then proceeded to tell me that it was just a lucky guess and that she is not really able to tell when I was low. I discussed with my father that she can at time like to alert to others when my blood sugars are off. She tends to alert to others especially  at work which is fine with me because they actually have been educated on the signs of her alerts. I am working on a different plan of action for next time im at home. I want her to alert to me first not my family. I was hoping for a smoother trip back home but that did not happen.

                         I trust Duchess but I wish my family gave her a little more credit. They seem to believe that the dogs will never miss a low or high. They are also under the impression that the dogs can never do anything wrong. I wish I could get them to understand that Duchess does quite well and that she has kept me alive but they expect so many things that are just not reasonable. I am not going to even try to explain to them because honestly they never listen to me.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year

         I made back home yesterday and now I am trying to get used to the time difference. I hope everyone has a great New Year's day. I am not doing a resolution this year because I felt like I have already accomplished so much in 2012 that making one now would seem silly if I am already on a roll but I do have idea's of what I want to accomplish. I had a really relaxed New Year's Eve and a great start so far for 2013. I am hoping to find a solution for my infusion set issues which crept up during my vacation. I am back to making it just shy of a day for an infusion set. I do have a Dr. appointment tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to try apidra insulin instead of novolog. Hoping that is it. The weirdest issue I had with my infusion sets is that the IV 3000 would not stick to my skin when using the benadryl spray. I was thankfully able to use just the IV 3000 without the spray for the most part but did have some skin reaction when not using the benadryl spray but I simply used hydrocortisone cream to get rid of any reactions. The IV 3000 still did not last as long as it normally would for my Dexcom which created issues. The funny thing is that when I am in Texas I have no issues but I guess the weather differences do affect the sites. A new thing learned from this trip.