Thursday, January 29, 2015

Conversations At the Gym

I went to the gym last night as I normally do and I was working out. I noticed when I walked in the gym there was a whole bunch of people who were given the tour of the gym and all the options available to them if they join. I noticed about three separate tours going on. I was on the elliptical at the time and a woman stops right next to my machine and just stares at Duchess. The employee leading the tour stops and the lady asks Is this dog here frequently. The employee responded that yes she is here frequently with me. He stated the company supports people with disabilities being able to workout at there facilities. I know the woman asked why I had a service dog and he stated her disability requires a service dog so they respect my need to have her. He also said the dog patches say medical alert dog. The woman seemed surprised by the employees answers.

The employee stated that they really enjoyed having Duchess in the gym and they felt that she caused not issues. They said they thought that anyone should be able to come and exercise and that they encourage people to stay active. I know I was surprised by the conversation and really appreciate spending my money at a gym that supports my right to exercise with Duchess there and also follows the law as well. I think we all need to exercise in one way or another and I really enjoy my time at the gym. I know I have had issues with a the man who was there with his wife. Thankfully I have had a no issues recently and even Duchess seems to enjoy our time at the gym. I bring special treats for alerts a the gym and I also give treats for following my commands. She also seems to enjoy it more than when we first started at the gym. I know it has been a learning experience for me.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sticking with Routine

I went to the Dentist today for a cleaning. I know I will only have 3 cleanings this year verses the 4 I had last year. My teeth are looking great. My bones seems to have gotten better and my gums are completely normal. I am not sure why I started to lose bone in my teeth but now everything is looking great. I know I was worried that it was not healing up but it just took time. I am not the most patient person when it comes to issues at times. Thankfully I am getting better each time I see the Dentist and I will continue to see him two more times this year. I do not enjoy going to the dentist but I know that lapse of cleanings is why I have had to go back for this issue.

I know I learned my lesson I really need to keep up with my dental check ups just like all my other Diabetes related appointments. I know I have a bad habit if its not Diabetes related it can just wait but at times things should not wait. I know I am lucky I have a great dentist who has helped me get things back to the optimal place they need to be. I know I need to pay attention more to all areas of my health not just one part they all seem to come back and get you if you not paying attention.

So now I am just going through my normal routines of getting my teeth healthy by just keeping up my routine. I find that I am not doing anything complicated just flossing, mouthwash and brushing my teeth. Thankfully next year I will be down to two cleanings a year and back to old routine of two cleanings a year.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Article about Diabetic Eye's

I read a blog post this morning about " Are You Getting the Right Care For Your Diabetic Eye's" on A Sweet Life. I know my own personal journey with Diabetic Retinopathy was disastrous . I know I was told I had background Retinopathy but that was normal for the length of time I had Diabetes. The Dr. said he would see me in a year. They sit and wait for it to happen. They tell you there is nothing they can do.  I remember the day I go my first bleed in my eye. The first thing the nurse said to me you should have taken better care of yourself and you would not be here today. I told her to never say that to any Diabetic patient. I also mentioned that she should keep those thoughts to her self a truly professional nurse would never say that to a patient. Life for any Diabetic is not easy and mine has always been difficult. So today looking back on my journey with Diabetic Retinopathy has been a very difficult road.

I had all the tests they discussed in the article and most of the procedures are painful and archaic as they described. I know the whole process was difficult because they think all Diabetics have bad A1c's and high blood pressure because I have Diabetic Retinopathy. One thing I have learned is that they think we are all the same and fit a certain profile. Which I never have. I know I still fight with my Retina Specialist today he thinks I should be taking my blood pressure daily which is not necessary since I have never had high blood pressure.

I know that my situation has been rough from the start and I had to first my first Retina Specialist because he only wanted to operate when I did quite well with laser procedure instead. The Dr. did not follow standard procedures for using lasers. So I know my journey has been a very scary one but thankfully I fought and have overcome all the obstacles but one of the things I never got from any of my Dr.'s is compassion or understanding where I was coming from. Instead I got the opposite.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Wonky Highs and Lows

I know this past weekend my blood sugars were really wonky I know that on the weekends I tend to use more insulin at times and that I can expect my blood sugars to run a bit higher than normal. Which is not normally a bad thing. I however tried using a temp basal since it was runner slightly higher than my normal.

 So everything was fine at first but then I had a big drop down low. It took me several hours to reach above 80. Then next thing I was moving back up so I dosed a small amount then I was back to low again even with snacks. I ate lunch as normal and my routine was pretty typical but I could not figure out why I was constantly trying to move up quickly then drop even faster. I could not seem to find my groove. Sunday again was much the same.

Sunday I had more lows and less dramatic drops I could not figure what was spurring the low blood sugars on. I was not blousing too much insulin and my pump sites were fine. So I was not sure what was going. Thankfully today my blood sugars have been pretty normal and in fact less lows than usual I guess I got them taken care of over the weekend to an extent. I am not sure why but I know it made it difficult to get much done over the weekend when I was low for several hours.

I know it was a wonky weekend of changing blood sugars I know I am hoping that I am not catching anything. I know even though my weekend did not end up being what I wanted it to be I am just glad that none of the lows were bad and that it wasn't lasting all day. Those are some of those times I tend to get beyond frustrated. I know I plan on working on adjustments of my weekend rates because it looks like I need some. The funny thing is that I am at the lowest basal rate in the past seven years. I have a feeling that is related to working out regularly.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sometimes Calling The Sales Representatives Help

I know everytime I have an issue with my pump or my CGM  I know it will mean several phone calls which normally end up with tech support blaming me for the issue. I know my recent issues with my CGM is not my fault and I have not done anything currently to cause the issues. Sadly when I change over to my new CGM the issues started. I know some of the issues have to do with the locations I have been using to an extent but things seem to be getting worse using an area I have not used in over half a year so I am now trying to get resolution to my issue in the most painless way possible. Normally with  the CGM I hear constantly from them that they think I am extending beyond 7 days on my sensor but I actually have been changing them out regularly so I was really upset that it became lets blame the customer and not look at how we can solve the problem. I have experienced this several times last year with my pump and CGM. I know when they are blaming me is because the issue is really complicated and they would prefer not to have to help me figure out the issue.

I know my nightmare with the skin issues from a while ago was several issues at once so I get how they would not want to solve the issues. I know I recently have gotten a phone call from Dexcom sale representative because he was assisting with the Animas Vibe order I had placed. So now I am off to call the sales represenative to help me get this resolved. In the past when I call the sales person who I bought the product from I tend to get the best results. So I am hoping that will happen now. I know dealing with insurance companies can be tough but so can the pump and CGM companies as well.

Thankfully I will be getting my new Animas Vibe with the Dexcom so hopefully that will help to eliminate some of the issues I have been having. I know I will have some things to learn each time you buy a pump there is differences and this time I am really looking forward to this.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Slacking on My Responsiveness

Some days I do wonderful at responding to my Dexcom alerts but recently I have been really ho hum about it all. I have been ignoring alerts in the middle of the night because they have been wrong some of the time and then I just don't want to deal with I would rather sleep which I know is dangerous. I know just last night I put the Dexcom under my pillow so I could sleep. I woke up around 55 but sadly it looked like according to my graph it thought I was under 55 all night long which I am finding not to be true. I know I have not been happy with my current Dexcom replacement unit I received I am having more issues with accuracy with this verses my previous one. So that also makes my motivation to be less especially when I know it is wrong. The other day the Dexcom had three arrows up and it turned out my blood sugar was only moved up 10 points and stopped. I continually get my Dexcom when I eat saying I am moving up quickly when I am moving up slowly.

I have tried to move my Dexcom to different locations but same issue. So I am trying to get myself at least back to not ignoring my Dexcom and just dealing with it as it comes. I know my nights my Dexcom thinks I am low all night but most of the time I am low for brief periods not the whole night. For example it was saying I was in the 40's but I tested I was actually 57 so it was doing the low alert. I know I need to get more in gear but I know with dealing with the constant alerts it can be enough to drive anyone mad at times. So I know I need to get back to my normal more responsive routine.

I know I am waiting for my new Animas Vibe to be shipped and hope that gets me spurred back into my old routine. I don't in particular feel burnt out about my Diabetes or frustrated at this point. So I need to get back to paying more attention. I really I think I am intolerant of my CGM being off frequently. I know I am lucky to have Dexcom which is the best I have tried. I know I hated the Medtronic CGM and would waste my money again on such a bad product. My results were so far off most of the information it provided turned out to be incorrect. So I know I need to be more patient but it can be tough at times.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Resolving to Reduce the Stress

I have been feeling okay recently about things have had a couple higher blood sugars in the past couple of weeks but not too much to worry about. I am coming up on my Endocrinologist appointment on the 31st. So I thankfully notated on my calendar the date I need to get my lab work done for my up coming Endocrinologist appointment. I know twice last year I forgot to get blood work but got the blood work done the day of my appointment which was fine but I know they prefer to have that information prior to my appointment. I know I tend to get deficiencies in my vitamins and they normally prescribe prescription strength and they I am fine for a while. Normally the deficiency relate to my Celiac's disease. So I know I am not sure if it is going to show up again if it does its fine and if not that's great too.

So going into my appointment this year I am not as much worried about my Alc because it has not gone up in the past three years but I get so worried about it going up. I know as I prepare for my appointment I am doing some things differently. I am now going to be more flexible it is okay if it does go up because I am currently in the range I need to be and I have some flexibility so it is okay if life happens. I also know that getting myself all worked up before my appointment will only affect my blood sugars with more lows or highs which I don't really need. I also need to realize that just as long as I am prepared for my appointment it should be fine. I have a wonderful PA and Endocrinologist who I have to help me through the difficult situations. So I am hoping to get myself to not fret when I know they have never told me once I was a bad Diabetic but instead they tell me they wish all their patients worked as hard as I do. Its a very nice compliment. I appreciate them recognizing all my hard work.

I know as I approach my upcoming appointment I have a list of items I need refills for and information as to where I am changing who I order my pump supplies from. I am now ordering my sensors and pumps supplies from one company. I am also have a list of questions for my Dr. and how to handle the issues. I am also going to thank my PA because she refereed me to my current Dr. who help resolved my issues that I had been dealing with. Right now I would not be feeling as great without her referral. I know the Dr. was incredible and really helped me to decide what I needed to do for me. So I am almost ready for my appointment but I also feel so much better with my new goal for this year.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Looking at Foods

I have been looking at my food choices to help me reduce lows. I for example know that oatmeal when I eat it on the weekends tends to keep me level for quite a while while for example when I eat cereal spikes me up quickly then drops quickly. I know during the weekday mornings I am so busy rushing around getting oatmeal cooked would require me to get up earlier. I am one that I know I need sleep so I tend to try to get as much as possible. So I do granola bars with oatmeal they don't have the staying power that oatmeal does but there is not normally a large rise and fall. So I know I am trying to get healthier options but also convenient enough so I have time to eat it when I get to work or before I leave.  I know for example my choice of cereal was not a good choice for the day I had to go shopping after church. I normally was eating oatmeal but that day my dad was pushing us out the door so I could only grab something quick and I did not have my granola bars like I had at home.

I also know that I look for certain types of meals before I go to the gym. For example I do better when I have pasta and rice dishes verses just a sandwich. I know I looked at this previously but now I am trying to make a better effort to make sure I am following what I know. I know I am always looking at my information and I know I have been using it more and more but this year I am going to try and look more at the food choices that help me to keep lows away or least reduce them. So I am trying to continue to expand on what I know that works and also try new foods that might help as well. I know with using as much information as possible can only help. I know last year I felt stuck in and out of Diabetes burn out so I am feeling much better now so I am hoping I won't burn myself out by trying to work on my Diabetes. I also know last year tackling exercise with high intensity was not easy and I am still working on attempting to exercise with very little lows.

So I am off to trying new things this year and I know I accomplished so much last year hoping to keep myself a little less burned out as well. I know how to handle burnout but this time it seem to linger around much longer than I like to see.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mixed Signals

I know things have been changing the longer I have had Hypoglycemia Unawareness. I have noticed over the past couple of months a real drastic change in the what little symptoms I do get. Occasionally I will feel nauseous but that used to a sign of high blood sugar. I was working out last night and about 15 minutes into working out I started to feel extremely nauseous and Duchess was pacing back and forth and I kept checking my Dexcom which said I was 131. I was not sure but I knew Duchess was acting really off. Since I was not sure I continued to workout but I kept feeling even worse. So I get to 20 minutes in and I called Duchess over she carries all my testing, glucose etc when I am at the gym. So I test and know I know why Duchess was pacing I was 45. Normally when I am low I sweat more or really small non noticeable symptoms. I normally would have tested before but I guess because I felt high not low I did not test right away.

I am really confused as to my old reliable feeling of high is now showing up for a low. I have recently felt low but I was 145 which is not low and I did not drop low anytime after but did go down to 120 and stayed there for several hours. So I have know my main method for making sure I am correct is to just test. I have never been able to rely upon my CGM to be correct or my feelings of being low or high. So last night was a really good reminder that I must always test to be sure. I know during my low my Dexcom is really worthless when exercising because last night it took 28 minutes to register that I had even dropped dramatically and it never even resisted I went that low it got 52 then started to show I was going back up. I know sometimes when I am droping slow the Dexcom does register the drop but at times my Dexcom never even registers that I went low. I know times like these Duchess is priceless because my Devices have never been able to it at all.

So I now know for sure that my body is generally confused so anytime I get weird feeling I just need to test to make sure what I really am. I know my body does have issues but it seems like it is even more screwed up these days. I don't understand the recent changes especially since the fact that my Alc has not moved from it current spot in over two years so I am little puzzled. I do know I plan to talk with my PA at my next appointment. I also have my annual follow up with the Endocrinologist. I normally see my Physician Assistant at my appointments. I know we will probably discuss it but I have a feeling that it is typical to have these changes. I am thankful that I still on occasion can feel lows in 30's and 40's. I am also glad I finally checked what was happening.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Trying to Do Things Differently This Year

I know each day I wake up I never know what I am going to feel. Today I woke up feeling really great. I was able to start getting the lows while exercising back to no lows again at least for yesterday. I was low when I got home but I tried some new things and was able to get my blood sugar up to 120 by the time I started to exercise. So I am going back to using more Gatorade during my workouts as wells. Most of my lows are towards the end of my workout in the last ten minutes. So if I sip as I am working out before I go low most of the time I can make it to the end of my workout. Sometimes I even make it several hours after working out with no lows until around midnight. So I am making some progress. Normally I was only using Shot Bloks but that does not seem to be working as well so now I will do both in the hopes that I can get through my workouts and deal with come with after. I do have some of the nights where I am not having lows afterwards so I am still making some changes as I go. I know at times I have to make changes as my body seems to change. I know recently it has felt like every five minutes I need to adjust things.

I know I am feeling overall very optimistic in general about my Diabetes in general even with my recent low in December. I know we all face obstacles and I know getting my recent procedure will most likely help in the grand scheme of things especially Diabetes related. I know I am glad I got everything done quickly and efficiently before it go to the point I was burnt out. Last year I struggled a great deal with feeling burnt out so I am going to try my best to keep things as simple as possible. I also know that I can call my Dr. and get advise at any time but I tend to try to figure it out on my own. I am very stubborn and like to make those decision on my own. So I am going to ask for help when I need it more often this year. I am hoping that I can stay more optimistic as I encounter issues and try my best to solve them as quickly as possible. I know recently I am making bigger movements on changes and have seen great results so far.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lows and More Lows

I normally do well with exercise but yesterday I went the gym and I test before I start working out it was 95 which is lower than I like so I eat some fruit slices and I wait a bit then I start to work out. Duchess was all over the place would not stop moving around because my blood sugar kept dropping. I was even using my shot bloks which I swear by as being a huge help to me. I even was using temp basals before I got to the gym but I still continued to drop. I tried to exercise at a slower pace and not do as vigorious exercise but all my body wanted to do is be low. I know it took me about an hour after being low to get things to go back up to normal. I was so frustrated because I was rushing around just trying to get to the gym at the normal time I do.

I know then I get there and there is very few machines available. The worst part is that during these frequent lows I was having people kept trying to pet Duchess. Thankfully Duchess knew she needed to focus on me. I really wish people understood when I am working out I am really prone to large drops and my Dexcom will not catch them till its too late. So during those times I really depend upon Duchess to alert me as soon as possible of these drops. I know people think they are not doing anything wrong by distracting her but they could cause me a really bad low by doing so especially yesterday with my blood sugars dropping dramatically. I know since I was just getting back to my routine I did not want to go home and not work out. I find that if I can at least try to finish my workout I normally do pretty well.

Overall even with fighting the lows I really felt better having worked out. I know I am taking in more carbohydrates before I workout tonight. I am hoping that I will get back to less lows during working out but I also know that my recent procedure also could be causing havoc on my blood sugars still. I know after my procedure lows have been an issue which my PA at my Endocrinologist predicted as much. So I am hoping to find just the right temp basal the issues is knowing how long I will need to deal with temp basals to fight off lows. Thankfully I have had less lows at night after recent changes which is awesome. I am just taking things one step at a time.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Great Deal of Errors

I have been frustrated recently by ??? every time after I shower when I am wearing my Dexcom. I did call technical support this weekend for two failed sensors which they replaced. I know I was talking with the gal and she mentioned that the questions marks normally mean that the body is having a hard time understanding the sensor readings. The interesting things is that I just switched to a new Dexcom G4 replacement system. My warranty was up on my previous one so I switched to the new one before I went on vacation. It seems since the change it is a constant thing. I know either the new
 device is not working well or I need to move back to using my legs and arms again.


I know I depend upon my Dexcom at night especially but I also know it has been really inaccurate since I changed to my new Dexcom equipment verses my old Dexcom G4. I know I have had several calibration errors as well where you wait 15 minutes or 1 hour to enter new calibrations.. I also get the hour glass icon as well. I normally have not experienced so many errors popping up. I know normally I would be contacting my Dexcom Representative which I will if it continues. I am going to try a new spot next time I insert the new Dexcom sensor. I am not sure what is causing the issue but I know I will have to do some work as usual to figure out what is wrong. Thankfully I have an appointment with my Endocrinologist at the end of the month so hopefully I will get some help in trying to narrow out what the real issues is.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Straight Across Red

I knew going back to my normal routine would have challenges and it has so far. I am adjusting my night time basal rates to adjust for my regular exercise. So far all this week all night it has been red straight across my graph every night. I have also been putting my Dexcom under my pillow to sleep which is not good either. I know I need to figure out some new plan to get this resolved quickly because I really am one who needs my sleep. I don't get as much done when I am tired and then try to work out either. So at this point I am back to more adjustments for night time but I am making more dramatic changes to make the process faster.

I know during Christmas I was sailing across the nights around 130 or in the 90's most nights which is so nice. I was really able to sleep well and really enjoy my vacation time. I did have a couple nights of lows but for the most part I had found a really great basal rate. I know I was on a great routine before I left and I tried that basal rate again but no luck. Some times I can stay on the same rate for a while but other times I just need a new basal rate. I know the recent cold fronts are contributing to my changes as well. I know that I will find a good rate but I have no patience right now so I am not caring if I end up higher one night instead of being a straight line across all night long except for like 10 minutes. I also have found that my night time rates when I have test are normally higher than my Dexcom has been showing so I could be only slightly off and not really what the graph is showing.

I love having my Dexcom but I really wish I got the same results as others do when the Dexcom is showing their actual blood sugars. Most of the time the Dexcom is hyper sensitive when I not moving up fast the DexCom has up arrows and I test 130 and ten minutes later 131 with two up arrows. Even with the software upgrade I still get the wonky numbers I always have. I know my body does not seem to show the same results which I have to accept. I just wish I could trust the numbers to be a little close to what is showing. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Procedure Went Well

Well today went much better than expected I have my procedure which was not really that bad. The Dr. is very experienced and did everything she could to reduce pain and make me as comfortable as possible which was nice. I read a great deal about what the normal procedure it and this Dr. did more which I appreciate from a Dr. is one who tries to make things as quick and easy as possible. I will have to wait several months to know if this option I choose will alleviate my issues I have been experiencing. I am really hoping this will help me out. I know other health issues can really cause havoc on my blood sugars which this issues was. I know after a couple lows recently which I know this issue played a part in I am hoping to see things calm down to an extent. Last year had quite a few issues that popped up unexpectedly and not in a good way.

I do know that my exercise has really given me a chance to get my health better and more stable. It really has seemed to give me a faster recovery from bad lows. I have also noticed less crazy swings in blood sugars as well as not as many higher blood sugars. I have also noticed that my stress is less and that my overall attitude is generally better with working out. I am hoping that in combination with my procedure today and my continued exercise will allow me to have less emergencies and bad lows ideally. I know I am continuing to look for more options and I know I am looking forward to getting my Animas Vibe this month. All these things will help me hopefully to have better luck this year. Thank you for understanding me not sharing my other health issue. I need some privacy at times and this is one of those times.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Just Floored By Experiences

I know when I was on my Vacation in Seattle/University Place area for Christmas I noticed some big issues. I know when I was close to my Dad's house on more than 8 occasions when we were at the store a person who brought their dog in the store was barking at Duchess. I know I try to keep my calm but when a person knowingly takes their pet in the store who is untrained and then acts like I am the person who has issues makes me furious. I know it seems so tempting but it caused me great issues. A person little dog was trying to bit Duchess leg so I kicked the dog away because at the end of the day the safety of Duchess is the most important thing to me. Considering I had no real time to react the dog jumped from a cart and started running towards us so the only thing I had time to do is get the dog away as quickly as possible while the woman stood their just watching. I know I did not harm the dog but I am not willing to risk the safety of Duchess because people feel entitled to bring their pets to the store. I did have a very firm talk with the woman stating next she brings her dog to the store their would be consequence when I called the cops.

I am tired of people having a need to have their dogs with them when it can cause harm to a real service dog team who needs their dog to actually assist them with a disability. I am not sure why we have this need or why it seems so magical but I have to say I find it overwhelming and tough having Duchess with me all the time. Keep in mind I love Duchess beyond belief but their is so many dangers, obstacles and other issues that makes the process very difficult even with having over 4 years of experience. I know I found the issue to be a growing issues when I was visiting two years ago there was quite a few dogs but I am astonished that the stores seemed to not care because they are worried about being sued by a service dog team. I find this to be frustrating because most of the time the dogs I run into in the stores by far are the worst behaving animals. I have seen children bit and others bit by these dogs. I am not sure why we need to have our dogs with us when it is overwhelming to the dog because they have not been exposed to this type of environment.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Twisted in Thoughts

I know I have been thinking a great deal about complications recently. I know most people hate to read about complications but since it is truly part of my life I feel the need to discuss it. I also know there is a great deal of people out there with complications that need to feel the connections with others who understand what they are going through. We all have struggles with Diabetes and issues that we all experience. I know my road with complications has been scary and with little information available to assist me with making choices. I know several years ago I had to make choices I never thought would come this soon. I know I had to make decision about the quality of my life. My Dr.'s wanted me to run blood sugars higher to reduce the risks of lows and I wanted to keep things under a 7 Alc to prevent further complications. So I made the decision that running with tighter control gave me the ability to have a life with out developing more complications if possible.

I know still today I am haunted by the fact that everyday I get to wake up knowing I played a part in where I am today. I know the times I did not react fast enough to a high blood sugar or did not get it down as fast as I could are probably part of that as well. Another contributing factor has been my untreated depression that went on for several years when I was a teenager. I also know my experience through out my life with seizures and bad lows and fear of lows have created some of the issue as well. I know I had a time where I ran things higher because I felt safer than trying to figure it all out. So now I am left with the constant thoughts of what if I had done more but it is really hard looking back to know if that in the long run would have made a huge difference. I am working on dealing with all the baggage I carry because of my complications and also fighting for Dr.'s who get that I work hard and don't look at me as a failure because at the end of the day I am still human. I am working to reduce my load this year in hopes that I will let me concentrate on what I need to do.

I know with all my hard work that I have kept myself as healthy as possible. I know that my work is paying off but I also know I will forever fight to be treated with respect by nurses and Dr.'s who will make assumptions about me as the patient. I wish they would understand that I have not by in anyways given up even in the midst of a bad low I get up the next day and go to work as normal. I don't let it stop me but I know all the stigmas attached to having complications won't go away and it is sadly part of my life. I know my voice as an advocate is important and a good reminder for physicians that they need to look at where the patients are at and do the best to assist them. I am hoping that with continued education that I can change my experience and others.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Frustrated With Physician Responses To Lows

With my recent low just before Christmas I know I have been kind of irritated by a few things that happened. The number one thing is that the Dr. assumed I was not controlled but that is not the case I take a great deal of the time looking at graphs making adjustments and taking care of myself. I know the Dr. of the emergency department was like you need to come to the hospital to be evaluated which means hours of waiting with only to be told to go see my Endocrinologist who I called that following Monday morning. I know this Dr. made me furious because the recommendation has nothing to do with my safety as much as the hospital making money. I have refused transport almost everytime and I seem to do fine. I do what I need to do but when you are the hospital you are the mercy of a nurse with too many patients. I know the couple of times I have been transported they do nothing when I am at the hospital they don't make many changes and they always say to see my Endocrinologist. They actually know me as a patient and who understands that I know my condition better than a physician who know nothing about me and will make assumptions about my health condition.

I know Dr. has a normal protocol but for me I never really fit the typical protocol and they normally do nothing for me after a low except test my blood sugar around every four hours and then wake you up in the middle of the night. So I find this to be pointless about a minor low that I recovered from quickly. I know the firefighters were mentioning they have never seen a person with a blood sugar of 12 or 15 talking with them. My dad had gotten me to drink juice so it was starting to rebound slightly so they feed me juice with a whole bunch of sugar added which is really gross but worked. I know my Diabetes has never been a typical and so I am used to it but I am also tired of Dr.'s who think all patients fit into what is described in medical books.

I know that I will continue to do what works for me regardless of what one Dr. thinks because at the end of the day no one knows my condition better than me. I know I have had to make very difficult decisions the past couple of years and I will continue to do what works for me. I know as a patient with complications they see me as a way to make money or as a person who needs more education etc. I find it insulting because I know a great deal because I make it a point to be extremely educated about my condition. I know this year I plan to continue to work on keeping exercising and doing what works I am always hoping for less lows. I am working on that continuously but I know with Hypoglycemia Unawareness that I am more prone to lows.