Monday, January 26, 2015

Wonky Highs and Lows

I know this past weekend my blood sugars were really wonky I know that on the weekends I tend to use more insulin at times and that I can expect my blood sugars to run a bit higher than normal. Which is not normally a bad thing. I however tried using a temp basal since it was runner slightly higher than my normal.

 So everything was fine at first but then I had a big drop down low. It took me several hours to reach above 80. Then next thing I was moving back up so I dosed a small amount then I was back to low again even with snacks. I ate lunch as normal and my routine was pretty typical but I could not figure out why I was constantly trying to move up quickly then drop even faster. I could not seem to find my groove. Sunday again was much the same.

Sunday I had more lows and less dramatic drops I could not figure what was spurring the low blood sugars on. I was not blousing too much insulin and my pump sites were fine. So I was not sure what was going. Thankfully today my blood sugars have been pretty normal and in fact less lows than usual I guess I got them taken care of over the weekend to an extent. I am not sure why but I know it made it difficult to get much done over the weekend when I was low for several hours.

I know it was a wonky weekend of changing blood sugars I know I am hoping that I am not catching anything. I know even though my weekend did not end up being what I wanted it to be I am just glad that none of the lows were bad and that it wasn't lasting all day. Those are some of those times I tend to get beyond frustrated. I know I plan on working on adjustments of my weekend rates because it looks like I need some. The funny thing is that I am at the lowest basal rate in the past seven years. I have a feeling that is related to working out regularly.

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