Thursday, January 22, 2015

Slacking on My Responsiveness

Some days I do wonderful at responding to my Dexcom alerts but recently I have been really ho hum about it all. I have been ignoring alerts in the middle of the night because they have been wrong some of the time and then I just don't want to deal with I would rather sleep which I know is dangerous. I know just last night I put the Dexcom under my pillow so I could sleep. I woke up around 55 but sadly it looked like according to my graph it thought I was under 55 all night long which I am finding not to be true. I know I have not been happy with my current Dexcom replacement unit I received I am having more issues with accuracy with this verses my previous one. So that also makes my motivation to be less especially when I know it is wrong. The other day the Dexcom had three arrows up and it turned out my blood sugar was only moved up 10 points and stopped. I continually get my Dexcom when I eat saying I am moving up quickly when I am moving up slowly.

I have tried to move my Dexcom to different locations but same issue. So I am trying to get myself at least back to not ignoring my Dexcom and just dealing with it as it comes. I know my nights my Dexcom thinks I am low all night but most of the time I am low for brief periods not the whole night. For example it was saying I was in the 40's but I tested I was actually 57 so it was doing the low alert. I know I need to get more in gear but I know with dealing with the constant alerts it can be enough to drive anyone mad at times. So I know I need to get back to my normal more responsive routine.

I know I am waiting for my new Animas Vibe to be shipped and hope that gets me spurred back into my old routine. I don't in particular feel burnt out about my Diabetes or frustrated at this point. So I need to get back to paying more attention. I really I think I am intolerant of my CGM being off frequently. I know I am lucky to have Dexcom which is the best I have tried. I know I hated the Medtronic CGM and would waste my money again on such a bad product. My results were so far off most of the information it provided turned out to be incorrect. So I know I need to be more patient but it can be tough at times.

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