Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Resolving to Reduce the Stress

I have been feeling okay recently about things have had a couple higher blood sugars in the past couple of weeks but not too much to worry about. I am coming up on my Endocrinologist appointment on the 31st. So I thankfully notated on my calendar the date I need to get my lab work done for my up coming Endocrinologist appointment. I know twice last year I forgot to get blood work but got the blood work done the day of my appointment which was fine but I know they prefer to have that information prior to my appointment. I know I tend to get deficiencies in my vitamins and they normally prescribe prescription strength and they I am fine for a while. Normally the deficiency relate to my Celiac's disease. So I know I am not sure if it is going to show up again if it does its fine and if not that's great too.

So going into my appointment this year I am not as much worried about my Alc because it has not gone up in the past three years but I get so worried about it going up. I know as I prepare for my appointment I am doing some things differently. I am now going to be more flexible it is okay if it does go up because I am currently in the range I need to be and I have some flexibility so it is okay if life happens. I also know that getting myself all worked up before my appointment will only affect my blood sugars with more lows or highs which I don't really need. I also need to realize that just as long as I am prepared for my appointment it should be fine. I have a wonderful PA and Endocrinologist who I have to help me through the difficult situations. So I am hoping to get myself to not fret when I know they have never told me once I was a bad Diabetic but instead they tell me they wish all their patients worked as hard as I do. Its a very nice compliment. I appreciate them recognizing all my hard work.

I know as I approach my upcoming appointment I have a list of items I need refills for and information as to where I am changing who I order my pump supplies from. I am now ordering my sensors and pumps supplies from one company. I am also have a list of questions for my Dr. and how to handle the issues. I am also going to thank my PA because she refereed me to my current Dr. who help resolved my issues that I had been dealing with. Right now I would not be feeling as great without her referral. I know the Dr. was incredible and really helped me to decide what I needed to do for me. So I am almost ready for my appointment but I also feel so much better with my new goal for this year.

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