Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Article about Diabetic Eye's

I read a blog post this morning about " Are You Getting the Right Care For Your Diabetic Eye's" on A Sweet Life. I know my own personal journey with Diabetic Retinopathy was disastrous . I know I was told I had background Retinopathy but that was normal for the length of time I had Diabetes. The Dr. said he would see me in a year. They sit and wait for it to happen. They tell you there is nothing they can do.  I remember the day I go my first bleed in my eye. The first thing the nurse said to me you should have taken better care of yourself and you would not be here today. I told her to never say that to any Diabetic patient. I also mentioned that she should keep those thoughts to her self a truly professional nurse would never say that to a patient. Life for any Diabetic is not easy and mine has always been difficult. So today looking back on my journey with Diabetic Retinopathy has been a very difficult road.

I had all the tests they discussed in the article and most of the procedures are painful and archaic as they described. I know the whole process was difficult because they think all Diabetics have bad A1c's and high blood pressure because I have Diabetic Retinopathy. One thing I have learned is that they think we are all the same and fit a certain profile. Which I never have. I know I still fight with my Retina Specialist today he thinks I should be taking my blood pressure daily which is not necessary since I have never had high blood pressure.

I know that my situation has been rough from the start and I had to first my first Retina Specialist because he only wanted to operate when I did quite well with laser procedure instead. The Dr. did not follow standard procedures for using lasers. So I know my journey has been a very scary one but thankfully I fought and have overcome all the obstacles but one of the things I never got from any of my Dr.'s is compassion or understanding where I was coming from. Instead I got the opposite.


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