Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Getitng Ready to Go

I was putting the last couple of items in my suit case this morning. Duchess knew we were going some where when I got out my suitcase. She has been watching me even though I have never left here and flown without here but she has been on high alert watching me everyday start to get things organized and set up to leave. I normally get so stressed trying to have everything done before I leave but this time because I am getting over a cold I decided to take it as I get what I get done. That way I am not stressed. I know I sleep better last night because I was not stressed out about making my flight and getting things done. I know this year has been so much better than the past two for lows. I also have seen the number of lows drop at night this week so the changes I have been making seem to be helping. I am worried about waking up my dad at night because of my loud Dexcom. I normally leave it on vibrate but it is below 55 it can be so loud.

I guess it can be a good reminder that I do have more lows and that it is just a part of my life these days. I have been able to reduce the number dramatically from what it used to be. I know Duchess and my Dexcom have all helped me to make the proper adjustments as necessary. I am so happy that I have so far been able to make my December a little easier. I never was late for work because of a bad morning low. So I am making progress one day at a time. I know with continued work I will figure things out. I am thankful for all that I have been able to handle. I know figuring out to have less lows while working out was the most difficult but I am so thankful I did. I know my exercise during these past couple of months have really helped me to stay safer in a great deal of ways.

I know I can't wait to leave for my trip home. It will be great to see my family and just have some time to relax. I know I have to do a great deal of shopping when I get in but I am sure that will be fine. I know I am looking forward to hanging out with my very energetic nephew. He always says the cutest things. I have been really looking forward to my trip and its finally here.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thankful For What I Have

I know recently I have been so busy getting ready to go on my trip. I forgot my pump at home again and it is also the day of my holiday party at work. So sadly I am trying to wing it for the day with injections instead of my pump. I know days like these are fabulous reminder to count my blessings. I love having an insulin pump and I know there has been times where I could not afford it.

So I feel incredibly blessed that I have my Diabetic alert dog Duchess, my Dexcom G4 and my Animas One Touch Ping. I am blessed to be able to afford to have all this technology when others have trouble getting insulin. I know as the holidays approach I like to think about all the reasons I am blessed beyond belief. I also have wonderful friends in the DOC and also friends who are not Diabetic. I am also thankful for my Dr. office they keep sane in the middle of the chaos I call Diabetes. I know as I prepare to leave for my extended holiday vacation I am also reminded that I am lucky to have a week and half of paid time off and the ability to take more time off. This really gives me an opportunity to see my family and enjoy the holidays.

I know everyday I feel thankful that I have Duchess she has been with me through some of very rough patches and then kept me seizure free for over two years. I am thankful for her dedication and hard work but I am most thankful for her companionship. Sometimes being seen as disabled person it can be very isolating people seem to view you as not approachable or other preconceived ideas they have of a disabled person. I am thankful for Duchess personality because she does some of the craziest things that just make me laugh and she reminds everyday to look at the big picture. She also does some of the weirdest things at times that I have never seen another dog do. I think she thinks she is one of us.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Suprise A Cold

Well I have been so busy getting ready to go and even started to drink Emergency C in preparation for my up coming flight but it was too late. My roommate brought home a cold and spread it to everyone in the house. I told him to stay away from me when he is sick because the Methotrexate I take compromises my immune system further. So I am still taking the emergency and drinking a great deal of fluids. I am hoping I will be back to my normal routine soon enough. I know once I start to feel a cold going to the gym is out of the question. I have been blessed the my blood sugars have not been to wonky over the weekend for the most part. I had a great deal of lows on Saturday so I stayed home and rested. Which probably was helpful. I had no idea I had a cold until Saturday morning and I was only sneezing occasionally. Then Sunday I woke up felt fine and as I hit Sunday night is when I noticed more of the symptoms coming on. Sunday I was busy packing and getting ready for my trip.

My goal for this week is to get the couple of things done tonight so that on Tuesday night I am not driving myself crazy trying to do too many things before I leave town. I always bath Duchess the night before we leave to help people with dog allergies. I also cleaned her dog vest as well. I always try to make sure when I am traveling that I make it as easy as possible for everyone around me. Duchess is ready to go already she was packing some of her toys the only issues is she wants to take all of her toys which is way too much. Thankfully she seemed to get that she could only take a few toys with her.

I know I am trying to make sure I rest up as much as possible but still get all my work done and all the last details before I leave on Wednesday. I know I got a great deal done this weekend so I really only have several small things to accomplish. Thankfully Duchess seems to be aware of my cold and seems to be on high alert so far nothing really dramatic so far. I know I will probably have to use a temp basal today which is fine.  I normally do not have this many colds and I hate knowing that the Methotrexate which really helps me is also playing a role in me getting another cold.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Back to Night Time Lows

I have been working hard to keep my blood sugars from being low but for the past week it has been low even with making adjustments daily. I dropped it several units down on each setting but no improvement yet. I also know working out tends to cause issues at night since I am working out around 7pm at night. Some times if I am lucky I will get to the gym around 6:45pm if possible. I am finding that every night after 12pm I nose dive so I am reducing my insulin up three hours before but I am still dropping. So I am continuing to reduce in hopes I might find just the right settings. I am thankful that I am not battling the issues like I was last year. So I am spending more time reviewing my Dexcom graphs and trying new things.

I know I am the only person who can change things right now. I know I can call my Dr. send Dexcom information and they will do the changed but I really like to figure it out on my own. I normally can figure it out but it does take some time to figure it out but I will not give up. I know recently I have been so focused on making sure I get to the gym I have no paid as much attention to the lows after working out. Most of the time I have been able to find the right settings but with all the activity and preparing to leave around the holidays. It has taken me longer than I like.

So I am hoping I will find the solution when I look at my Dexcom graphs and review my blood sugars tonight. I am really getting excited about my trip back home next Wednesday. So I am hoping to get things as smoothed out as possible before I leave.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Article About Service Dogs

I read an article today about how service do really do love to work. I think a great deal of people I have meet think having a service dog is mean. I have found from my experience that Duchess is the happiest dog I have ever owned. I know it relates to her having a purpose and a job. I know each day she gets up and is excited she gets to go to work with me. I know there are morning it is cold and she does not want to leave because the weather but she still wants to go regardless. Overall Duchess loves the constant companionship of being around me all day and most of the time I feel the same way. We do have our moments when we get on each other nerves but that is part out of being a team. I know a great deal of people think that service dogs work 24 -7 but they do get downtime. I know with my schedule I do give her hours each night where she can just be a dog. Having down time is necessary for all of us and Duchess is no different. I am thankful everyday that she is so willing to go to work with me. She is always excited even though there could be scary moments.

I have meet so many people who worry that being a service dog is bad for Duchess's health but I find the opposite to be true. She exercises more frequently, eats high quality food that is measured, is examined for any issues regularly and learns new things frequently. These all help to keep her lean, catch issues sooner for medical issues and also keep her mind active. I know so many people make assumptions that just are not true. What they don't understand is that we both benefit from our partnership. dog/  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I am still not a hundred percent sure what happened with Duchess this past weekend. I have been making her rest more and now she seems to be getting back to normal. She is full of energy and is back to running around like she normally does. I always worry that she injured herself after two incidents earlier this year where she had soft tissue damage when she was out playing in the back yard. So I am really relieved with up coming travel and flights that she is better. I know she is very active so the past couple of days seems to have been difficult for her but I also know that if she rests and it allows her to heal up faster. The interesting part of the past couple of days is that even though I know she was not feeling great she never stopped alerting.

I know I plan on continuing to limit her activity at least till the end of the week just to make sure if she did injure herself that we are not making it worse by allowing her to play vigorously. I know Duchess is really hyper when she does play ball she tends to get way too excited and I worry now about what will happen. I am extremely fortunate she did not seem to injure herself bad enough to go to the vet last time she was on pain medication and other medications for several weeks. I know I prefer for my best friend to be injury free. I know as Duchess ages I will need to be careful about what I allow her to do. She seems to be getting injuries so much easier these days.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Good News Everything Was Normal

I went to have my ultra sound yesterday and everything came back normal which is really good news. I am not completely comfortable sharing what the issue is currently. With the good news means that I had to be prepared to make a decision for options to address the issues I have been experiencing. The options all have draw backs or possible side effects. So my choice is not easy and I don't know what I will experience and not experience. So I was faced with knowing which option I was going to go with the Dr. and I discussed the options available and any questions I had. So I am going to go forward with the option I thought would be best but I also and not sure I picked the right option per say but I will know in January once I get the small procedure done.

At this point I am thankful that everything was fine. I am going to question how everything is until I get to find out if the option I picked will work for me. I am really hoping this will fix my issue so I can get back to focusing on what I am more familiar with my Diabetes. I know this is just another thing I will deal with but if it works I won't have to worry about it for several year which is nice. I know as a Diabetic some side issues can end up taking a back seat which is what happened because I just did not have enough time to delve into the issue. I am glad I was able to get this done before my work really gets busy. Which is s a real blessing. It is sad that I plan my appointments around my schedule of the busy times at work. I know if something really important comes up I do address it.

I have to admit I was extremely nervous yesterday and I am extremely relieved. I think that the Diabetes things are much easier for me to stomach than other things that can come up. I know I learned a great deal from yesterday experience and again I was reminded how much Duchess does for me. She really helps me to keep busy and she keep me really more laid back during these nervous times. I know I have to admit I depend upon her emotionally more than I realize at times. She is always with me not matter the situation. So that is a true blessing.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Crazy Blood Sugars/ Duchess and Injuries again

I had a busy weekend of a great deal of things I needed to get done. I then started having issues with lows that were lasting for hours. The bad part is that I would eat as little as possible but even with watching how many carbs I still ended up spiking. One was a bad spike to 300 then a quick drop back down to 50. I spend both Saturday and Sunday fighting lows and highs. Then it seems to be starting up again today. The interesting thing is that I did not eat anything that normally would spike my blood sugar and I actually have not idea why the crazy blood sugars. The interesting things is that I was not stressed at all in fact I got more accomplished than I thought I would. The best part is that I am now a little more prepared for my upcoming trip home to Seattle. I know I am really looking forward to the time off to relax and have some fun. I just need more cooperation from my blood sugars but I feel blessed because right now things are much calmer than last December when I was having a great deal of bad lows in the early morning hours.

It seems Duchess might have injured herself sometime this weekend. She is occasionally whining. I am not sure what she did because I did not see when it happened. So I am not sure if she has soft tissue damage to her leg again or if she did something else. I am hoping that if I do end up going to the vets that the process can be taken care of quickly so Duchess is back to her normal self. I depend upon her more than I like to admit and I know that as she ages she is more likely to have injuries like these. It does not help that Duchess thinks she is 6 month old puppy who can do anything.

Hoping my best friend is feeling better her soon. I know I am making her have more down time so she can rest and hopefully heal. It is nice that we are only working a portion of the day I have an ultra sound today and so we will only be working several hours and then leaving for the day. The only good part of that is that Duchess will have more time to rest. I know last night I was trying to keep her on the bed and not allowing her to move around much. I know Duchess does not like to rest but I will make sure she does as little as possible with not play time at work because she can injure herself further. That is her favorite time of the day is when we play. Last time it took two weeks to heal so hoping we can get her back to normal a little quicker this time.