Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Wish They All Could be Prevented

I am sorry for all the delays on the blog. I know starting a new job really requires a great deal of my time making sure I am learning as quickly as I can.  Sadly several things have happened since I last blogged. I had several seizures. The seizures one I think could of been prevented if only we had listened to Duchess. I know I had several lows that day and I was on a machine that massages my back so I was taking my turn on the machine when Duchess started to freak out. Once I was done I did test immediately and I did treat the low. So then John and I were headed to go get dinner and we were really close to the restaurant when I started to seize in the car. Thankfully we were right next to a parking lot where John had pulled in. Right before the seizure I had three different errors on my insulin pump. So I decided to take care of the pump not primed issue by changing the tubing. I was in the car trying to take of that issue when I started to seize. This seizure I felt everything as it was happening.  When I first treated the low I was 48. So I thought I was good until we got to the restaurant and all the pump errors distracted me from treating the low with more glucose tabs or other things.

I know now it is imperative when she does alert to check even if not convenient normally I do really well at doing so normally. It is always a good reminder to follow your normal routine especially when it comes to lows. So instead of going to a restaurant for dinner we decided that I needed something quickly to keep my blood sugar up after the glucagon injection. Thankfully I have been seizure free but some major issues have showed up within a 24 hour period of time which I will share tomorrow. I know all the change in my life it can be difficult to decide where to start.

I know my second seizure was two days later in the morning hours on a work day. I know  there was nothing I could have done differently dealing with my Dawn Phenomenon at times is the most difficult for me and always has been. I know I tend to take more basal overnight than I do in the day. I know most nights I get my blood sugars jump up around 2 am most mornings. It it seems it will continue to be a challenge. I know I am trying to keep my stress down and other things to help me deal with the seizures. So I am now at a point where I have been seizure free for a couple of weeks so far. I am trying to keep things simple at this point. Thankfully I have been able to keep my lows to a lower number which is helping.

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