Monday, September 30, 2013

Long Grocery Store Line

I seem to meet a great deal of people in line at the Grocery store on the weekends. I was standing in a pretty long line this weekend and the two people behind me were discussing how wonderfully behaved Duchess was and what a wonderful helper she must be. I could not agree more. Then the lady directly in front of me turns and says to me what a great service dog you have there. I thank her for compliment. She then says my husband is a Diabetic and I would really love for him to have a service dog to help with some bad lows. She proceeds to tell me that he tried to take the mirror in their bathroom off the wall because he thought it was the medicine cabinet. She luckily woke up before he ripped off the mirror and hurt himself. She told me he is having increased lows at night.I know I have done some crazy things when I was low but thankfully I have never tried to take off the mirror in my bathroom. I have meet so many other diabetics who all do such crazy things when low.

I turn to her and tell her that Duchess is a Diabetic alert dog who alerts to low and high blood sugars. I know she seemed so very surprised that there was one in Austin. Currently their is several but most are with children. I know she seemed so surprised when I told here. She thought because of the medical alert dog patch she was for seizures alert dog which I think most people assume is her job. I do not have a patch that says Diabetic alert dog for several reasons. I have had public access issues more often because people feel that my condition in no way would need me to have a service dog. Second reason I find people will pushy at times when I do not have the time to discuss about Duchess. I think most people know a Diabetic so it can be very time consuming to talk to everyone who has a question. I do try my best to answer questions when I have time or feel like it will be a civil conversation. I have meet around 4 Diabetics Spouses in the past year and that number seems so small when I know there is quite a few type 1's in Austin. Always nice to meet people who understand how difficult Diabetes can be at times.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Learning Curve

I have realized after my late night at the office really has affected Duchess. Yesterday I had to pull her off my bed when it cam time to leave for work. I know she just wanted to stay home and sleep. I really don't blame her at all I wanted to stay home too. I know she is not meant to stay that late at the office and working overtime for months is really not a conducive mix for a service dog team. I know I have seem quite a few scary lows that I know were in part because of the months and months of overtime. I know I need a break form all this for Duchess to rest and be able to be the happy go lucky dog I love so much. Yesterday she extremely moody and grumpy. If it was the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" she would of been grumpy.  Normally Duchess is quite a happy girl. I was sad to see her so unhappy yesterday.

Thankfully she is a more of her peppy self today. My ultimate goal is to be able to work but also be able to keep myself and Duchess healthy. With this being my first service dog there is defiantly a learning curve. I knew that evening that I would work later but I had not idea it would be that late. If I had know I would of told them I could not work that late because Duchess needed to have some rest. I also paid the price yesterday as well. My blood sugars were increasing low and last night was every twenty minutes even with decreasing the basals before I went to bed. I am really also learning about my own person limits as well which will benefit me in the future so I know when I have to say not that is really too much.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Time to Move On

I know I have been struggling over the past couple of months with all the overtime I have needed to work and the need for some time off. I know yesterday I got pulled in on an emergency project which was fine but I ended up staying at work till 10pm and that is really less than ideal in the grand scheme of things. Duchess was cranky last night and so was everyone that is here. Luckily I was able to leave and head home but sadly I was only able to take care of one or two things and needed to go to bed. Days like this make me so extremely frustrated especially because when I work long days like that I have more issues with my blood sugars which equals more work for Duchess. I have been pretty miserable recently and I know it has a great deal to do with my work and the hours. In the grand scheme of things occasional overtime is fine but when it goes for over 6 months of year I feel like my quality of life is going down. I feel like I struggle with the ability to keep up at times with managing my diabetes and a high stress job. I think I have come to the conclusion there is defiantly a better job out there for me in which they understand that keeping me at work till 10pm with a service dog is really  not a good thing.

Once we are done closing the books for the year I will begin looking for better opportunities in the University. I am not sure what type of job I will end up doing but I know I am hoping that the department will be better at handling me having Duchess with me. There was more complaints about Duchess recently and I am honestly tired of it all but I also know that is my employers way of trying to get me to quit. I know people think a disabled individual equals more issues but it is only when  proper accommodations are not provided. I am honestly upset  at the all the complaints about Duchess from her smelling, her dog toys, fleas and other things. I spend a great deal of time of energy on keeping her groomed and on proper flea and heart worm medication but I still will get complaints either way. I have determined that because they don't like their jobs they will find something to complain about and that is Duchess.

Through and through I think my employer has failed to provide a good work environment for Duchess and I. I know having a supportive department can help make the work environment a much safer place for all. I am honestly still in disbelief at all the crap I have had to deal with. Last night was the last straw. In January I will be vested so I can leave with my full retirement which is good. So I will be looking for something within my current employer or hang out till I vest at 5 years. I have to say working here has not really brought me good things and I doubt they will be able to provide me a good work life balance that I need. Being honest with myself I knew I would need to make a decision soon. I am officially working on my resume and up dating my cover letter. I will be ready for a much better work place hopefully where I will be accepted as a person who contributes my fair share and is very reliable. I have proved this over and over again. I also want to be appreciated for all the work I do.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crazy Sensor

I started my most recent Dexcom Sensor and it has driven me crazy. At various points it has been up to 133 points off of my actual blood sugar and I am not in day 3 of the sensor. Last night I tested it said I was 181 but I was 314 which I don't usually hit very often. So I treat the high and go back to sleep. Then 30 minutes later it says I was 55 for the next couple of hours. I was not really low until around 6am which I deal with. The Dexcom is doing the crazy sensor thing again so it looks like I will need to try another area. I have been using my arms but moving around pretty consistently so I am not sure why I am getting the crazy responses on this one but it could just be a bad sensor. I normally would never pull a sensor but with it keeping me up with inaccurate blood sugars I find it to defeat the whole purpose. I know the last couple of sensors have been really accurate so I was really thrown off by how bad this sensor is on accuracy. It has also on numerous occassions has several arrows up but my blood sugar was not moving at all. I am planning to pull the sensor and hopefully Tech support can replace it. The interesting thing it also never showed on the graph I was even close to 314 which is not really that helpful.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thankful She is Very Flexible

I have to give some credit to Duchess honestly I know our life has not been as fun the past couple of months, but everyday she gets up and makes it look easy. I know there are days I am sure she feels the same way as me that going to my office is really less than enjoyable for her. I do try to make here as comfortable as possible and have things she can do. I know that our breaks are never long enough and the walks are never long enough for a very active lab but thankfully she is always so good about it all. I have made sure I have a jar of peanut butter which I put in her Kong or bones. This seems to keep her busy and happy most days. I am amazed that regardless if we off to my job she always gets up willing and does it with such a great attitude. I know my dog loves to sleep in most mornings but she will get up when the alarm goes off at 5:20 every morning.

She continually makes the best of what ever is going on. This past weekend I did not feel great so I watched some movies at home and she was so great about just hanging out at home. Normally our weekends are so short and I am running around like crazy. She was so great about the fact that we did not go very many places and I know how much she loves going places. She was great about waiting till I felt better to play and go for a short walk. She played outside and enjoyed the beautiful day that it was . She is all around very flexible service dog who will go along with changes and makes it all look easy.

I am still amazed that I have been a team with here for three years. She continues to amaze me withe her work ethic and just how much she loves being with me everyday. I know I have scared her at times and had to have periods of long hours at my work. She continues regardless to get up everyday and love what she does and takes on new tasks so well. I am hoping to start some new training soon with her when things slow down again. She learns so easily it can be fun to see what I can teach her to do next.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hanging on by a Thread

  I have felt recently that I am hanging with one hand holding onto the side of a cliff. Normally I feel like I have at least two hands on the cliff. I had another low not incredibly bad but around 3 to 4 am early Saturday morning. All I remember is that I was hungry and went and had a granola bar. I know my roommates said they could hear me moving around and I could not tell them what I was doing. All I know is that I am really tired of the bad lows overnight waking up on the floor so very low and unable to treat the lows by myself. I know all these lows and the constant work is really taking a toll on my body which I really don't need right now. I am starting to think I need to figure something out and quickly. Thankfully I do have an endocrinologist appointment in October which is great.

I have been working constantly on my basal rates but unless their is a pattern I feel like I am playing a guessing game. The time I am going low seems to really vary as well because I think the lows are related to stress. So I am really going to keep lowering the basals and hope for the best. I know I have been thinking so much recently about my job and how much it is requiring of me this year and I am not feeling like I can keep up to an extent. I know they said they are working on working my workload because they are realizing how much I do and how much more complicated some of my job duties are. All this some what makes me feel like a failure in some ways but I know deep down the job is more than most people can handle. The average length people stay in my position is two years or less.

I really can see why they leave. The job is challenging and their is not enough support for my position. So I feel like I am having to deal with more than is necessary. I have been great about taking anything on that they give me but at a certain point I have to admit it is just too much for me to handle. I am hoping that the changes in the jobs in the department will help me out in the long run. Honestly if the thing stayed the same I would consider quitting and looking for another job. I really need some sleep and some time off but I might need to find a way to get some time off earlier for my own health. I know waking up to my alarm and Duchess pawing at me I was 31 was not the best start to Monday.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ran Across a Great Video Last Night

I know one of the most frustrating parts of dealing with diabetes over the years is the complete lack of concern for the mental well being of me as the patient. Until I found my new Dr. I have never been asked every time I come in how are things going for me and is there any major concerns for me. It was quite refreshing. I have dealt on and off with depression which is not uncommon with chronic illness's. I think I had been depressed through all of high school and my parents and Dr.'s did not even notice until after I graduated high school. Through all my struggles with my Diabetes I think I have learned so much about balancing things in my life but at times I am unable to pull myself out of a depression without help. The past couple of year I thankfully have been able to do things to get things back in order. I know the in the US there is a very negative stigma attached to depression and the symptoms. I have attached the below video with some great points by a young man. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

No Pattern

Looking back at last year a this time things were very different blood sugar wise. Currently I am constantly battling everyday there is no real pattern to my blood sugars. I do daily adjustments just trying to keep up with what is going on one day I am spiking after I eat but there is also days like yesterday where I ate lunch without bolusing for lunch or breakfast. Then there is times where I am spiking up at night and others like last night where I stay low for hours with a slight break of normal blood sugar. I know stress can either send my blood sugars higher or lower but I never really know which way it is going these days. I know this only adds to my frustration because I am unable to figure you what exactly to do. I thankfully have Duchess the wonder dog and my Dexcom. The bad part of the Dexcom is that it went off pretty constantly every 20 minutes except for a small break from 4-5am where I could sleep more than 20 minutes.

I know all these crazy loopy bloody sugars are enough to drive anyone mad. It honestly is at this point because of all the stress and long hours really can get to you after a while. I also have to say that the stress affects Duchess in more ways than I like to admit. She is such a sponge and I honestly think she picking up on my bosses stress, coworkers and the office in general. Which is really not good. I have noticed some days that she seems very either hyped up by the energies or really quite. I am always worried about how all the overtime and intense stressful place my work can be at times. I know this week was increasing stressful and I am sure it will continue to be for a while.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I was sitting on the bus as usual keeping my self busy as I was riding. A younger male gets on the bus and decides to sit near Duchess and I. There is a wall right next to me separating us. I had never seen him before and really though nothing of it. The next thing I notice is that he staring intently at Duchess and I. Then he is starting to stare at Duchess closely and trying to get her attention. I understand how exciting it can be to be to see a service animal on the bus, for some individuals. So he proceeds to move as close to wall separating and I see his hand moving towards Duchess. I of course say Please Do Not Pet very firmly. Thankfully he listens to my request. I know when people stare like I am a freak show exhibit it can really start to bother me. I am a normal person who has to have a dog help them with certain tasks. I reallly am not that different just have obstacles that are a little more apparent because I have Duchess.

The same guy is on the bus again today and of course has to sit near Duchess and I. He of course is sitting their starring at me the whole time until he gets off the bus. I am not sure why he needs to stare in the first place and second he is making it so clear he is staring and does not seem in the least bit shy about doing so. I am not sure why you would want to stare at Duchess and I the whole time you are on the bus. I tried my best to ignore it but honestly nothing drives me more crazy than to be starred at constantly like something is wrong with me. I guess I will never get used to some of the reactions but honestly in your face staring will always drive me crazy.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Finally Somewhat Back to Normal

I thankfully was able to sleep this weekend. For the most part I was staying within the high and low threshold of my Dexcom but I also noticed when it did alarm I did not hear it. So I am back to putting my dexcom in a cup on my nightstand so I can hear it. Recently I was able to hear it and did not really miss the alerts but I know after nights of constant alarms I honestly want to ignore it so I can sleep. I did not work as much overtime as I did last weekend so I was able to have some time to accomplish a great deal of things that needed to be taken care of. I also got some time to get my hair done and hang out with a friend.

Last week was a tough week and I am sure this one will be as well. I am feeling better about where I am at now but I still feel like I have some great work to get me back to feeling not so overwhelmed. I am making basal changes as I need and working constantly on my keeping things on track. I know I am on the right track to hopefully feeling more like myself but at times my Diabetes really feels like it is winning. I know Diabetes does not play fair or give breaks. Thankfully through all the long nights, lows and some highs Duchess has not lost her focus and has been very sweet. She cares so much about me and I know she knows when I am stressed, unhappy sad etc.

I know this weekend she was so much more cuddly than her normal, which was so nice because I really needed a hug. I know one of the benefits of having Duchess is that she is with me through all the good, the bad and the ugly. I know she does not complain or whine for the most part and she honestly loves here job most days. I am lucky to have her with me when I am going through weeks like last week are tough but a little less with her around.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Not Sure How to Fix It.

I know recently I have really been struggling with feelings of being completely overwhelmed by life in general but in particular my Diabetes. This year has been incredibly difficult with big changes from day to day with my blood sugars and lows. I am always working so hard to keep up with all the changes and make the right changes. I also have had Dexcom site issues, work issues related to having Duchess, difficulties related to testing at work and retaliation for the solutions to the issue of testing at work. I know there also has been so many incredible things as well such as Friends for life and Type 1 Now Conference. I meet so many great bloggers and many of who our new friends of mine after long nights of hanging out at the conference.

 I am trying but failing miserably on keeping my moods in check and I know I have always dealt with some depression but I know all the work and no fun is playing a part as well. I know I am testing as much as normal but I am not spending as much time doing the things I love in part because I have to clean, pick up and work overtime. I have done a poor job of finding a balance but I have also sadly worked even more hours than I did last year. I need a break but I am not really able to take one at this point. I feel like I have been fighting difficult battles all year long from issues at work and related to my Diabetes. I know a Diabetic vacation would be a dream at this point.

Since no Diabetic is able to take a vacation I will have to try and find a balance and make some time for myself in the mix of also managing my responsibilities. I know last year I was just trying to avoid seizures and really was not worried about how I was spending my time as much as this year. My needs have really changes since last year at this time and I think my mood and overall well being are a reflection of that. I have faced a great deal of obstacles and have found that for the most part I have handled them quite well. I am just really starting to feel blue and really burnt out.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Increasing Number of Service Dogs

     I was asked recently by a stranger as to why there is such a growing rate of service dogs in communities now. I told the person that their is so many things that dogs can do to help a person from helping with mobility, blood pressure, fainting disorders, seizures, Diabetes, Autism, psychiatric disorders, PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and seeing eye dogs just to name a few. I know these dogs are incredible and offer so many freedoms that many people take for granted. I am blessed that Duchess can help keep me safe and does her best to reduce the lows that I have. I know things would be much different for me now and I am grateful to have her in my life. I know I  have meet so many disable individuals all who have service dogs and we all say the same thing that they make life more manageable. I know having a service dog is so much work but if it can make a difference in someone's life I am a big supporter of that.

There is so many things service dogs can be trained to do such as Duchess will bring me my back up test kit and glucose tabs which is really helpful. She can also retrieve juice from the fridge as well. There is so many things a service dog can be trained to help with I can see why their is a growing number of people looking for more freedom and opportunities to live a normal life. I know I really question my ability to handle a full time job without a service dog because I really can lose track of time when I am low. It has happened to me in the past where I lost around a three hour time period because I did not know I was low. I know I also would miss more days from work because of bad lows that happen over night or in early morning hours. I also have a sense of not being as nervous of driving with having Duchess in the car to alert me to my changing blood sugars. I am happy to see that we can use service dogs to enhance so many people's lives. I know I have benefited greatly from having Duchess in my life.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Long Night

I was really hoping last night for a good nights rest but my Dexcom and my blood sugars had other plans. My Dexcom went off every 20 minutes from 2am -6am. I love my Dexcom but at times it drives me crazy. I was treating my lows but the would start to go up and then dive back down. So I am do a review of all my numbers tonight and more adjustments to keep the lows during the middle of the night to a minimum. I even was eating carbs trying to keep my blood sugars up but my diabetes was not cooperating last night. I even had done major drops in my basal rates for overnight but last night I did not see any improvements. So it is back to the drawing board until I find what will work to keep me from lows all night which equal very little sleep.

I am already going on fumes these days and I really need a good nights sleep soon because honestly I am not going to be much help at work if I am running on nothing. So I am hoping tonight I might get some much needed rest instead of waking up with all night long. I need to reduce my stress and keep things balanced but going on very little sleep will not help my body out after my recent bad lows and issues. Days like this I am extremely frustrated with how things are going. I have great periods of times but this is a rough patch and I need to focus on things will be better soon.

I think I really need to get some relaxation in but it can be difficult when I am working on Saturday and have so much to get done in so little time. I know I really need a full weekend off from work but sadly that won't be happening until November. I am trying to figure out the best way to balance what I need to get done at work and what I need for me but it has proved to be a very difficult task. I am optimistic that if I put my mind to it I will find a way.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stress Wins Again

 As the stress pick up at work so has my lows and I know poor Duchess is spending way too much time at my work and then having to keep up increasing lows. Last night Duchess woke me up so I test I was 30 so I knew I needed to treat it. So I noticed I had smarties and I thought perfect but I was struggling to get the package open. Then I remembered I had a bag of Skittles in a baggie that I could open pretty easily. Sure enough I was able to get it opened. I am noticing that recently I am more aware of the fact that I need to treat the low but I am completely frustrated at the fact that my body was not cooperating. I know sometimes depending on how fast it is dropping seems to determine what kind of abilities my body will have during the lows. Last night I was thankful I was able to know that I needed to treat it but I also was very angry at the time that I was struggling to open the smarties. I also had a jar of glucose tabs but opening that seemed daunting as well. Thankfully I had a couple Gluco Lift tabs in a baggie which I could use as well.

I am thankful that I was able to treat this low without help but I am tired of all the lows. The stress is really only going to continue to rise because there is currently an audit going on right now as we are trying to close the books for the year as well. I am trying ways to deal with the stress the best I can but honestly since my diagnosis with Hypoglycemia Unawareness I am really lacking in my ability to handle stress like I used to be able to in the past. I am not sure if that is something I will ever get back. I can handle some stress but when it's stressful for months it seems to catch up with me. I am listening to my body as to when and how much I need to sleep and trying to get some exercise in as well. Not sure what else I could be doing. I would love to be able to have a whole weekend off but that is not coming till the end of October.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Follow Up on Previous Blog Post

        I wrote a blog on the 27th of August about My Thoughts on Complications and The Doc. I know it was recently shared with others because I think what I was talking about was a little shocking to many. I know most of the time the DOC is just incredible but there is always work that needs to be done to make us stronger group. I know it can be hard to believe that people would attack someone for blogging about complications but I also know that complications are scary to even think about it. I know I still have trouble at time accepting that yes I do have complications. I know for parents of children with Diabetes this is really incredibly difficult to read what I am saying because no parent wants their children to get complications. I know my parents never wanted this for me. I think we all need to know about complications even if they are scary. I think the more discussions we have about complications the less scary it will be and the more supported many will feel.

 I write about complications for several reasons. The number one reason is because I found there was little written about complications by bloggers that I could find when I was diagnosed with either of my complications. The second reason I write about complications is because I want others to know that I understand what they are going through. The third reason is because I have found that I don't carry as much of the weight of the world on my shoulders if I have an outlet to talk or blog about my complications. I know some of the loneliest times as a Diabetic has been my journey through complications and I know the reason it was so scary is because I could not find what I needed online.

I have seen on a great deal of forums and Diabetic websites where people with complications are treated unfairly and end up leaving because they are not welcomed. I know it can be hard to believe but I have experienced this over the past 5 years and I am tired of fighting this battle alone. I in fact stop going to Diabetic websites and forums for a while because I was constantly barraged by negative comments. I know I don't have thick skin and I can be sensitive at times but the bigger pictures needs to be that we need to support each other regardless of where we are at in regard to our Diabetes. I am hoping we can continue to grow and support each other a little more and not try to push out people who need support.

I can't thank my great friend Scott and many others who shared your support this past weekend. I honestly cried because it was so nice to have so many people share their stories and lend support. I did see several comments from others with complications who stated they had felt the same way I did. Thanks again for all the support it was so appreciated.  My Thoughts on Complications and The DOC.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Knowing My Personal Limitations

I know from my experience with having Duchess over the past three years is that she has taught me more about life and people than I ever expected. She is a great reminder for me during times like now where I am working so many hours that sometimes you need to take some time to just breathe and relax. I know when I worked 71 hours of overtime last month that I needed to really put some things aside that really could wait until I have time to address those items. Things are piling up in some ways but my house is still neat but not quite the normal.

 Unlike last year where I was bound and determined that I could get everything done but sadly my body and diabetes disagreed completely. I know I am not supposed to say that yes my diabetes does slow me down or cause me restrictions on how much I can handle but because of my Hypoglycemia Unawareness it does really restrict me in some ways. I think we all have a threshold regardless of Diabetes on who much we can handle and maybe it is that more than the Diabetes but I am trying to be realistic in order to avoid seizures or big issues. I do really demand so much of my body and I have know my whole life that yes I can do most things but since Hypoglycemia Unawareness there is more I need to consider. Duchess does keep me safe but I also need to be realistic as well in how much these seizures also affect her as well.

I am working on evaluating what I could do differently and so far for the most part things are better. I am also really listening to my body when it tells me I need more sleep or more exercises etc. This also has helped me to realize if I am getting overly stressed at the office I need to take a moment and go outside to keep the stress levels down and all these little aspects have made this a much more successful year end for me at work. Hoping the next two months of overtime will go by quickly so I can get back to my regular hours and two days off a week. I know I really do appreciate my time off even more after working 6 days a week for months on end.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Amazing Abilities

            I really have to give Duchess a great deal of credit dealing with massive amounts of overtime and way too much time at work. I worked 70 hours of overtime last month which is really less than ideal for anyone but thankfully having plenty of treats, increased playtime when we are at home. She seems to be completely unfazed by it all. I know my work schedule has driven me mad but she seems to be completely fine with it all. I have increased her treats but increased length of her walks to make sure that she is getting what she needs. I know the office right now feels like a train wreck this time of year. Everyone is crabby and very excitable because of all the deadlines and audits.

Thankfully Duchess seems to be a very calming presence which does not only help me but all of my coworkers as well. I know some coworkers have high blood pressure but she always seems to know when they do as well. I am not sure how she knows but I am sure there is a behavior pattern she has picked up on or is something she is able to pick up. She continues to be the happy go lucky service dog I know. Last year she handled it all pretty well but this year she has continually amazed me with her ability to handle so many scary and intense things. She makes it look easy when I know I expect a great deal from her. I can tell you times like these I don't know what I would do without her being her by my side.

Once all the overtime is done with I do plan on taking a day just for Duchess I will take her to the lake for swimming, dog bakery, and play ball with her. She loves to play ball and swim so I know she will love her day dedicated just to her. I will take the whole day off from work and we will sleep in because honestly Duchess does not love getting up early. I am not the biggest fan of it but it is nice to finish with work earlier. I know having a day off from work will be a much needed break for both of us.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Roller Coaster Rides of Highs and Lows

           I know recently I have really been struggling with soaring highs and lows. I know the soaring highs I have been dealing with for around two months now and the newest is the lows. The soaring highs sadly I am still trying to figure out the cause of . I do know that I have increased upwards of almost 8 units in my basal rates and earlier bolus times to just eat. I am still completely stumped at the rapid rising blood sugars unless it is maybe stress related which I know goes to explain the rapid drops I get from time to time. I know I am still a little spooked at my latest low blood sugar incident on Friday. I am still getting my big gashes on my ankles and the bruises on my face to heal up.

I have been looking at my Dexcom graphs, numbers and trying to pull all my information together to figure out why I continue to have fast moving highs. I am having quite a few inclusions with my insulin pump after it was changed out but thankfully I almost done with this box of infusion sets so hopefully this issue might go away once I get another lot of infusion sets. I could call my Animas Representative but with me working so much overtime this time of year it is very unlikely I will have time to handle this issue right now. I know I have this great need to figure out why this is happening and I will drive my self crazy trying to figure it out most of the time. I am normally really good at figuring out difficult issues on my own at times but sometimes they are too difficult for me to figure out. I have some issues that I will never get fixed or know the answer to but there is so many factors that affect one's blood sugars it can be difficult to pin point the actual cause of the the issues.

I am still working on the solutions to the issues but I have a feeling they will go away once the craziness at work settles down. I know Duchess does not enjoy the fast moving highs or lows in fact they really put her on edge because she has seen the impact of fast moving lows. The highs I can usually get down within in two hours most of the time but I am never of a fan of highs either. Hopefully I can get my stress down so I can fix these issues.

Monday, September 2, 2013

After Friday's Bad Low

         I am slowly but surely not all achy from the nasty fall onto the floor I had from Friday morning when I was low. I ended up with a black eye and my eye lid being swollen all the way to my cheek bone. It thankfully could be hidden quite well with concealer and make up. The interesting thing is most people had not idea that I was that beat up. I did take advil to bring down the swelling which it did. I hate that feel after recovering from a low where I feel like I was ran over or beaten up. So thankfully even though I have worked most of this weekend things are calming down. The bad part is that I have had lows that are staying around for a couple of hours at a time. Hoping the long lows will be gone soon so I can get things back to a more comfortable place. Hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday weekend. Duchess is busy as usual trying to keep me safe.