Thursday, September 19, 2013

No Pattern

Looking back at last year a this time things were very different blood sugar wise. Currently I am constantly battling everyday there is no real pattern to my blood sugars. I do daily adjustments just trying to keep up with what is going on one day I am spiking after I eat but there is also days like yesterday where I ate lunch without bolusing for lunch or breakfast. Then there is times where I am spiking up at night and others like last night where I stay low for hours with a slight break of normal blood sugar. I know stress can either send my blood sugars higher or lower but I never really know which way it is going these days. I know this only adds to my frustration because I am unable to figure you what exactly to do. I thankfully have Duchess the wonder dog and my Dexcom. The bad part of the Dexcom is that it went off pretty constantly every 20 minutes except for a small break from 4-5am where I could sleep more than 20 minutes.

I know all these crazy loopy bloody sugars are enough to drive anyone mad. It honestly is at this point because of all the stress and long hours really can get to you after a while. I also have to say that the stress affects Duchess in more ways than I like to admit. She is such a sponge and I honestly think she picking up on my bosses stress, coworkers and the office in general. Which is really not good. I have noticed some days that she seems very either hyped up by the energies or really quite. I am always worried about how all the overtime and intense stressful place my work can be at times. I know this week was increasing stressful and I am sure it will continue to be for a while.


  1. All this stuff is what makes Type 1 so difficult. We're trying to find an answer to an equation where we don't know all of the variables and they keep changing anyway.

    Hope you get in a smoother pattern soon.

  2. Thank you Laddie. It has been so difficult to figure out what my blood sugars are going to do day to day. Most of the time I have some what of a pattern, but currently there is no pattern. I am hoping for much smoother blood sugars too.