Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Long Night

I was really hoping last night for a good nights rest but my Dexcom and my blood sugars had other plans. My Dexcom went off every 20 minutes from 2am -6am. I love my Dexcom but at times it drives me crazy. I was treating my lows but the would start to go up and then dive back down. So I am do a review of all my numbers tonight and more adjustments to keep the lows during the middle of the night to a minimum. I even was eating carbs trying to keep my blood sugars up but my diabetes was not cooperating last night. I even had done major drops in my basal rates for overnight but last night I did not see any improvements. So it is back to the drawing board until I find what will work to keep me from lows all night which equal very little sleep.

I am already going on fumes these days and I really need a good nights sleep soon because honestly I am not going to be much help at work if I am running on nothing. So I am hoping tonight I might get some much needed rest instead of waking up with all night long. I need to reduce my stress and keep things balanced but going on very little sleep will not help my body out after my recent bad lows and issues. Days like this I am extremely frustrated with how things are going. I have great periods of times but this is a rough patch and I need to focus on things will be better soon.

I think I really need to get some relaxation in but it can be difficult when I am working on Saturday and have so much to get done in so little time. I know I really need a full weekend off from work but sadly that won't be happening until November. I am trying to figure out the best way to balance what I need to get done at work and what I need for me but it has proved to be a very difficult task. I am optimistic that if I put my mind to it I will find a way.


  1. :( I'm sorry the lows are hitting hard again and that you have to work on Saturday too. I hope you'll be able to get some relaxation in on Sunday though.

  2. Thanks Karen. Seems like I am getting hit from every angle these days and just need time off but that will have to wait til the end of October sadly.