Friday, September 6, 2013

Knowing My Personal Limitations

I know from my experience with having Duchess over the past three years is that she has taught me more about life and people than I ever expected. She is a great reminder for me during times like now where I am working so many hours that sometimes you need to take some time to just breathe and relax. I know when I worked 71 hours of overtime last month that I needed to really put some things aside that really could wait until I have time to address those items. Things are piling up in some ways but my house is still neat but not quite the normal.

 Unlike last year where I was bound and determined that I could get everything done but sadly my body and diabetes disagreed completely. I know I am not supposed to say that yes my diabetes does slow me down or cause me restrictions on how much I can handle but because of my Hypoglycemia Unawareness it does really restrict me in some ways. I think we all have a threshold regardless of Diabetes on who much we can handle and maybe it is that more than the Diabetes but I am trying to be realistic in order to avoid seizures or big issues. I do really demand so much of my body and I have know my whole life that yes I can do most things but since Hypoglycemia Unawareness there is more I need to consider. Duchess does keep me safe but I also need to be realistic as well in how much these seizures also affect her as well.

I am working on evaluating what I could do differently and so far for the most part things are better. I am also really listening to my body when it tells me I need more sleep or more exercises etc. This also has helped me to realize if I am getting overly stressed at the office I need to take a moment and go outside to keep the stress levels down and all these little aspects have made this a much more successful year end for me at work. Hoping the next two months of overtime will go by quickly so I can get back to my regular hours and two days off a week. I know I really do appreciate my time off even more after working 6 days a week for months on end.

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