Monday, September 2, 2013

After Friday's Bad Low

         I am slowly but surely not all achy from the nasty fall onto the floor I had from Friday morning when I was low. I ended up with a black eye and my eye lid being swollen all the way to my cheek bone. It thankfully could be hidden quite well with concealer and make up. The interesting thing is most people had not idea that I was that beat up. I did take advil to bring down the swelling which it did. I hate that feel after recovering from a low where I feel like I was ran over or beaten up. So thankfully even though I have worked most of this weekend things are calming down. The bad part is that I have had lows that are staying around for a couple of hours at a time. Hoping the long lows will be gone soon so I can get things back to a more comfortable place. Hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday weekend. Duchess is busy as usual trying to keep me safe.

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