Thursday, September 12, 2013

Increasing Number of Service Dogs

     I was asked recently by a stranger as to why there is such a growing rate of service dogs in communities now. I told the person that their is so many things that dogs can do to help a person from helping with mobility, blood pressure, fainting disorders, seizures, Diabetes, Autism, psychiatric disorders, PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and seeing eye dogs just to name a few. I know these dogs are incredible and offer so many freedoms that many people take for granted. I am blessed that Duchess can help keep me safe and does her best to reduce the lows that I have. I know things would be much different for me now and I am grateful to have her in my life. I know I  have meet so many disable individuals all who have service dogs and we all say the same thing that they make life more manageable. I know having a service dog is so much work but if it can make a difference in someone's life I am a big supporter of that.

There is so many things service dogs can be trained to do such as Duchess will bring me my back up test kit and glucose tabs which is really helpful. She can also retrieve juice from the fridge as well. There is so many things a service dog can be trained to help with I can see why their is a growing number of people looking for more freedom and opportunities to live a normal life. I know I really question my ability to handle a full time job without a service dog because I really can lose track of time when I am low. It has happened to me in the past where I lost around a three hour time period because I did not know I was low. I know I also would miss more days from work because of bad lows that happen over night or in early morning hours. I also have a sense of not being as nervous of driving with having Duchess in the car to alert me to my changing blood sugars. I am happy to see that we can use service dogs to enhance so many people's lives. I know I have benefited greatly from having Duchess in my life.

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