Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Surprising Issues and No Real Answers

The past couple of weeks have been dealing with issues. I know Duchess had been having issues running into furniture and other items at home after we moved them. I know my local vet said she could see some slight retinal changes in her left eye. So I had scheduled an appointment at UC Davis Veterinary hospital in Davis California. Which thankfully is not too far from my home. So I anxious for several weeks and all I knew before my appointment is that I wanted more information. I know there is two conditions that a dog could suffer from that can cause permanent blindness. So as I waited several weeks for her appointment to arrive. I know since Duchess is my whole world it was extremely difficult. I know with my frozen shoulder I was also dealing with complete frustration over dealing with my daily exercises which I am truly struggling to keep up with.

I know the day I was driving to UC Davis my stomach was upset and I was extremely nervous. I know I was extremely worried but unsure what would happen. So I saw the student and then meet with the professor who started with basic tests. I know they said the noticed the same thing that my local veterinarian noticed. There was changes in her left eye. So they needed to run further test which would require me to leave her there for several hours. I know I was pretty upset to leave her there but I knew they needed to do further tests. I knew if the test was negative she would need to see the neurologist as well. So I went back to UC Davis to check back in and see the results. The student came out and told me that the test was negative so she was being transferred to the neurologist to make sure there was no tumor or other issue from the eyes to the brain. So I was on my own again and thankfully my blood sugars were cooperating through the time without here but since I am rarely ever without Duchess it really make me feel so incredibly vulnerable in many ways that I had since forgotten about. Having Duchess has really given me so much freedom from the constant worrying. That day was such a reminder of how blessed I am.

I waited in the waiting room to hear back from the Vet. So they finally call me back. As I was waiting they finally brought me back Duchess who was so overjoyed to see me again. I know I truly felt the same. After all the waiting all they could determine is she has really early signs of retinal degeneration which means changes in her retina but since I found it so early they could not determine the cause. They did discover that Duchess also has neurological changes in her left eye as well. She does not blink or have normal reaction in that eye. So she is seeing pretty well from what they are saying but I know most of the time the incidents happened when it was dark. They also said her left hind leg which she had injured over two years ago had neurological changes as well. Which that I was not surprised by. So after talking with the vet they could not figure out the cause of the running into item completely and they were unable to explain why she was eating and drinking more water. She also had some other small things going on as well.

I know after they told me I was angry because after hours of being there all day all I had was more questions and not one answer. So now I am documenting any changes in her sight such as recording dates times and other issues in order to help figure out the issue. I know I am watching Duchess very carefully but it also is a reminder that how fast the time is going. In August we have been a team for 6 years. I know I feel lucky each and every day I get to have her as my service dog and my best friend. I know now I am looking at finding and planning on when and how I will get my next service dog. I know how the scent training works so looking at getting a dog who does not make it to being a guide dog is what I might look for in fact John meet a guy from the local Guide dog organization and told him they would love to find a dog that could be trained to alert me to low and high blood sugars. So I considering that and I know I can use what knowledge I do have to help. I also know so many that I know It won't be that difficult to get them trained with having Duchess around. I know I am hoping that day does not come soon but I must realize Duchess is really not young anymore. She considered a senior according to the vet. So preparing for changes to made in the next couple of years as she ages. I know one day she will have to retire but I am really hoping that is some time from now.