Monday, March 28, 2016

Twenty Four Hours- How Fast Your Life Can Change

I know with all the changes in my life things really seemed to be going so well. I know a couple weeks ago I was going to leave the house to go grocery shopping with Duchess. I getting ready to walk out the door. Then Duchess was heading to the left when I turned back to turn the lock on the handle before I left. Something startle Duchess and she pulled and I ran into the door with my shoulder. I dropped my purse and the leash. I had to go sit down because my shoulder hurt so badly. I know I sat on the couch for an hour before I got up to try and go to the store again. I know my shoulder hurt for a while and I iced it and hoped that would take care of the injury. I know over the next couple of weeks the pain in my shoulder seemed to increase. I know I was having trouble at night sleeping. In fact one night I rolled over and there was a big pop sound from my shoulder. I know I had issues being able to put my hand behind my back on the left side. I was thinking at first maybe I pulled something or irritated something. I decided then I needed to schedule an appointment but because of my job I try to schedule only in early morning or late afternoon to avoid missing much work. So I scheduled an appointment but it would be several days before I could get in due to trying follow the times my work prefers.

I also had noticed when I was having shoulder issues that Duchess seemed off. I know when I hurt my shoulder I thought it was odd because normally that would never happen. I know we were doing some changing at our Condo so we moved some furniture around. I noticed after we did this that Duchess started running into things. I know one morning I was in the bedroom getting ready for work and I heard a really awful yelp from Duchess. I run out of the bedroom and she had run into a table. I know I was concerned as it happened some more. I started to write down her symptoms such as she seemed to get antsy when it came time to feed her. In fact I know today I have to make sure she is in the room when I pour her food in the bowl so she knows its there. At times she dances around like she does not see her food. So I decided to schedule an vet appointment. So first came my appointment with a Physician who thought I should wait. If it did not improve I should then go to Physical therapy because my arm had limited movement.

So Duchess vet appointment came first then my Physical therapy visit. I took Duchess into her new vet's and was pleased with how incredible the veterinarian dealt with Duchess. She handled her so well and made us all at ease. I know we told her about the increased thirst, increased appetite, running into objects, passing around once feed and other symptoms. So she got out her light and looked at Duchess eyes. She noticed some things so she got another device out to look again. Sure enough there is currently retinal changes in her eyes. At this time I don't know what that means for Duchess until she see's the Ophthalmologist in a week and a half. I know I was relieved that we were addressing the issue but I was incredibly troubled by what the veterinarian was telling me. I know I had some dread coming up with the appointment. So I know I was beyond stressed because Duchess had been my DAD for almost six years. I know she is my best friend and I am nervous what this can me for her health. I know I am hoping for the best but I guess I will know soon.

So the next morning at 7:30 am bright and early I went to meet my Physical therapist for the first time. I knew the would evaluate me and my movement of my left shoulder. I know I already had a bad feeling that I had Diabetic frozen shoulder. I know John and I had discussed it several days before this appointment that I thought it could be that. I know the Physical therapist did her exam and I was really in a great deal of pain. At we were able to discuss my exam. She told me I had Diabetic frozen shoulder. I know then she told me the fastest way to get to what they call the thaw faze is usually an inter-articular join injection. I know she was referring me to an orthopedist to get the injection done. At this point I was like great a cortisone injection into my joint in my shoulder.
It really hit me hard as I was rushing back to my office I had Diabetic frozen shoulder. There goes my plans of doing my AFF sky diving training this year. I know I can't even put my arm behind my back on my left side, I was really hit with how much this is going to affect my life. I also was advised no heavy lifting which I should be able to lift around 50 lbs on occasion at my job. I know I was really upset and I know I was even more frustrated with the fact that the prescribed injection might not work.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Would They Cover It or Not

I know with the move to California meant getting new Physicians. I know I was so nervous my first visit with my family practice doctor at Kaiser Permanente. I know I ended up really liking the physician I ended up getting. She listens well and has helped me to navigate how Kaiser works. I know I am so used to having a health plan where I don't need referrals to see a doctor. I know the appointment that has made the most nervous so far was my visit with the Endocrinologist. I was so incredibly blessed to have had my old PA Amy who is my favorite physician I have ever worked with. I know I also had heard things about Kaiser not covering Dexcom sensors or CGMS in general except for certain patients who meet a special criteria. I know I have used the Dexcom for three years now and I don't know what I would do without it. Duchess does not alert at night so that leaves me incredibly vulnerable at night. So I was really scared that the new Endocrinologist would not give me the prescription for more Dexcom sensors.

When I went to my appointment I only had 3 Dexcom sensors left. I know John and I discussed that I would have to pay out of pocket worst case scenario for the sensors. I know that I needed the support during the appointment. I know when I meet him he was not a fan of how low my Alc is but I honestly don't work hard to get all my lows in general I tend to go regardless even when trying to run higher at times. I was surprised when the Endocrinologist asked for the list of supplies I needed he agreed immediately to put in a request of refills on my Dexcom sensors. I know the Endocrinologist made quite a few changes to my pump settings and wanted me to see the CDE. I know they wanted the CDE to assist me with looking at my numbers and Dexcom graphs monthly to help reduce the number of bad lows. I know after the recent seizures I was not surprised by this. I know I will only see the Endocrinologist twice a year through Kaiser. I also was really surprised that the Endocrinologist agreed to let me make the changes to my pump or discuss them before we make changes. I like to be treated like an adult and not a child when it comes to my health care.

Overall I was really pleasantly surprised by the Endocrinologist and was happy that he treated me with respect that I need in a physician. I know I feel like I was happy with my family practice Dr.'s referral and like that they listen to me as the patient. I know my Diabetes can be difficult to manage but I am happy that I do like my Dr. so far. I know my CDE was really great as well and she listens when I explain why I do things in a certain manner. She has very helpful and I hope that I will continue to work well with her. I know honestly getting my Dexcom supplies so quickly and not having to much except call was so nice. I know I was not sure if the different type of health plan would work for me but it really has been really good so far. I know I feel silly being incredibly stressed about being able to get the Dexcom Sensors. The best part is that John like my Endocrinologist now he is going to see him as well. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Wish They All Could be Prevented

I am sorry for all the delays on the blog. I know starting a new job really requires a great deal of my time making sure I am learning as quickly as I can.  Sadly several things have happened since I last blogged. I had several seizures. The seizures one I think could of been prevented if only we had listened to Duchess. I know I had several lows that day and I was on a machine that massages my back so I was taking my turn on the machine when Duchess started to freak out. Once I was done I did test immediately and I did treat the low. So then John and I were headed to go get dinner and we were really close to the restaurant when I started to seize in the car. Thankfully we were right next to a parking lot where John had pulled in. Right before the seizure I had three different errors on my insulin pump. So I decided to take care of the pump not primed issue by changing the tubing. I was in the car trying to take of that issue when I started to seize. This seizure I felt everything as it was happening.  When I first treated the low I was 48. So I thought I was good until we got to the restaurant and all the pump errors distracted me from treating the low with more glucose tabs or other things.

I know now it is imperative when she does alert to check even if not convenient normally I do really well at doing so normally. It is always a good reminder to follow your normal routine especially when it comes to lows. So instead of going to a restaurant for dinner we decided that I needed something quickly to keep my blood sugar up after the glucagon injection. Thankfully I have been seizure free but some major issues have showed up within a 24 hour period of time which I will share tomorrow. I know all the change in my life it can be difficult to decide where to start.

I know my second seizure was two days later in the morning hours on a work day. I know  there was nothing I could have done differently dealing with my Dawn Phenomenon at times is the most difficult for me and always has been. I know I tend to take more basal overnight than I do in the day. I know most nights I get my blood sugars jump up around 2 am most mornings. It it seems it will continue to be a challenge. I know I am trying to keep my stress down and other things to help me deal with the seizures. So I am now at a point where I have been seizure free for a couple of weeks so far. I am trying to keep things simple at this point. Thankfully I have been able to keep my lows to a lower number which is helping.