Friday, June 28, 2013

Rising Temperatures

                      Thankfully things are starting to settle down which is good. I know the past several weeks the temperature has been rising pretty steadily to the 100's which is normal for this time of year. This also means that my daily basal rates can change dramatically in just several days. I know I have dropped around 3 units before once we are staying in the hundreds and right now we are. So I have dropped 2 units so far but this is always an interesting time for me because I am extremely temperature sensitive these days. I used to not be at temperature sensitive but for some reason now I am. I pretty much review my basal rated daily because if I can keep ahead of things I can change them quickly enough to avoid some bad lows. I have noticed a pattern of issues that pop up in the summer with the heat and the fact that this is a really busy time of year for me at work. High stress and heat really can do a number on me at times. So I am trying my best to look daily and review as I go to find areas where I can reduce further to reduce chance of seizures and lows. I have leaned so much from last years events but I really do not want to repeat them if possible. I know Duchess has been very good with the increase of heat being on watch she seems to be more attentive right now which really makes me feel better. I know with the Dexcom as well I will be better able to manage this time than last year. I would be lost without Duchess and my Dexcom which is working so much better since I now am using my arms and legs.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Upcoming Surgery

                     I went back to my retina specialist today for a check up. I wanted to discuss getting a vitrectomy ( removes gel between the lenses in the eye and replaces with synthetic but helps stabilize the eye)  done in October because I feel like now is the time and honestly it is one of the slower times of the year for me but its really not slow. So I decided recently it would be nice to have less hemorrhages and more stability in my eye. My vision is still 20/20 in my left eye which is a blessing as well. My right eye has really improved in vision in the past three months and I could not be more pleased. I have seen this Dr. enough to know I trust him to do the operation and it is only an hour long and I will have to take a week off of work but I am okay with that. I currently have almost a month of sick and vacation so I have time. I am also able to make up some of the time as well before or after the surgery which is great.  It is really interesting when you feel confident in the Dr. you are seeing and how much easier the thought of surgery is to deal with. I am glad I waited as long as I have because I found the right Dr. and the right time to get the surgery done. My previous Retina Specialist wanted to operate way too eagerly and was in it for the money and not worried about me as the patient. I am big on having Dr.'s who are good at explaining things and suggesting things that I could make things easier for me as the patient. My current physician did exactly that. I know my eyes are in good shape and will continue to be with his assistance. I never a fan of surgery but if it is what I need to do I am fine with that as well. I know my Dr. also suggested I got to a nephrologist because 90 percent of patients with type 1 diabetes who have retina issues also have kidney issues as well. I am going to go but I have a feeling that everything is fine. All my 24 hour urine testings have always come back clean and never had any blood work that showed decreased kidney function. Seems like there is a never ending list of things to do as a diabetic.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Where Do I go From Here?

                   I know recently the only thing that is helping me to keep my sanity is my exercise it has helped with the stress and growing tension that is around me. I am not sure where things will go from here. I feel like there is a growing need to start looking for other employment if this is what I am going to have to deal with on a regular basis. I know I quite sadly they win which I don't want but I feel even more isolated in many ways at work. I am one of the few that does not go around the office gossiping or socializing all day. So I am really surprised that people's response to my request to be able to test my blood sugar anywhere in the office. I was talking with some coworkers who agreed with the woman that I should not test in the lunch room because they say it could be done in the bathroom or else where. I guess it really goes to show you the ignorance is really bliss. I know they all were their during my seizures so I am really surprised by this response but I don't give a care at this point. I am no longer taking their point of view in perspective because I have learned the more flexible the more they want me to bend. I think at this point my view of most of my coworkers have changed by this whole incident. I really wish it has never happened but I guess it good to know in some ways. I know currently I feel very isolated because of the fact that most people do not want to talk with me because I had to go to HR. I think I handled the situation in a very professional manner. I am really happy that my vacation is coming up on July 9 through the 15th. It really can't come soon enough.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Making Changes to Reduce Stress at Work

                        Last week I felt very attacked and beaten up in many ways which I feel is a good reflection of what was happening. I know that things do affect Duchess but sometimes it can be all too easy to forget how things can affect her. I know this week after some fun both of us are doing much better. I know I will still be little edgy but that is expected because I feel attacked but the good part is that I am seeing less of her walking by my desk and wandering through my area. I am hoping it stays that way in the future because I really just want to be able to do my job without all the extra stress of drama. I know Duchess is a little less wired up this week and seems to be even more focused which is what I need her to be. Mind you she was on top of everything last week but she also was sleeping a lot more than usual. I know that I am trying to give her a chance to rest before our vacation so that she can enjoy it too. I know she works so hard I want to provide a safe environment for her to be with me in. All the drama of having a service dog at work does not makes things easier for me. It tends to just add more and more to my plate. So I have officially decided that I am not going to accommodate people as much because I have found they think I can be pushed around because of this. So not things are much simpler and I will come to work get what I need done and go home. I am going to ignore the complaints because most of them our because they just don't understand or really care to learn why. So making things simpler for me in the long run will equal less stress. I know the past 5 years I did not handle stress well and that has not changed. So I need to work on ways to reduce the stress and still accomplish what I need. I have to give Duchess a lot of credit because she really was great during a very difficult time and still continued to work. I know each and everyday she amazes me with not only he caring but also he motivation to keep me safe.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Back on Track

                    After last week I felt very blessed to be supported by the feel who read my blogs and left comments. I can't thank you enough. I thankfully was able to stay strong and follow through on what I needed too. I know their is still some possible retaliation situation but I will be recording these even in my journal at work to track the events so that I am able to keep any situations handled by HR. So I feel at least at ease that I can keep things managed and less stressful.

        I had plans for the weekend but my plans I originally had fallen through and I had been out shopping and noticed I had not heard a the text so I was really delighted to see if was from my best friend. She was going to be in Austin for the afternoon. I had not seen her in quite a while. She has been dealing with some personal things and needed some space. So I gave her the space she needed and time as well. So it was such a great time of catching up. The nice things about a best friend is no matter how much time has gone by you would never know it because it seems like not time has gone by when you get together. It was just what I needed. I feel refreshed again and with new energy in many ways. I guess I have also been working so much it all tends to build up and drain my energy in many ways. I know my up coming vacation will be much needed this year especially with all overtime I work. The sad part is that I will average around 600 emails when I get back from vacation but I guess that is the downside of a vacation in many ways. I know I need to start adding more fun into the mix of thing otherwise I end up feeling drained and not great. I think adding diabetes to the mix only complicated things more. Thankfully my blood sugars have also mellowed out some and seem to be back to normal for the most part. Hope everyone has a great start to Monday!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Having a Service Dog in a Office Is a Very Difficult.

                       I have really learned for my latest issue that their has been complaints about this or that because of a real lack of understanding. I have people get mad because Duchess has peanut butter filled bones and chew toys at work to keep her occupied and they say it looks messy or they just want her to stay on her dog cot and not move all day. I have a very high energy lab who needs some mental stimulation during the day. A bored lab is never a very good thing from my experience. So I allow her to have toys to occupy her time. During the end of April to October my average work day is 7:30-5pm everyday and that is not a short day for a dog so I need things to keep her happy. I do play with her with squeaky toys at break and take her for a  walk all to help. I am really so upset because they think a dog should never be a dog. A service dog is trained yes but at the end of the day she will always be a dog. She has the same needs as a pet and even more needs to keep up her alerting. So I make decisions accordingly but I have also talked with her original trainer and she told that Duchess needs that stimulation at work. So I will continue to do what I need to do but I will be criticized regardless because people do not understand. Duchess is not only my friend but a partner in better control and less lows. I will not change how I currently do things but I am really glad I will have a sliding door installed which is frosted so people will not see her dog toys or treats. I never dreamed working with a service dog would create so many issues for me especially when I try so hard to do what is right for everyone. I have also know I will never be able to please everyone.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Good Changes Coming

                         I have good news about the blood sugar testing. As I suspected they are going to pull aside tomorrow morning to discuss the fact that yes she can leave the room or look the other way when I am testing. They are also specifying that comments about testing will not be tolerated either. So I am hoping that will be the end to a really stressful period of time. I feel like in many ways that yes I have won my battle but there will be more. The woman is really a bully so I am expecting retaliation of sorts from her or bad mouthing about me to other employee's. There is also other good news my manager I believe is afraid I will leave so they are going to put in two sliding doors in the cubicle area that all the staff in my department works. There will be a note on the doors stating no one is allowed in the area except by appointment and there will be a in box where papers can be left. This will also ride me of this woman coming by my desk asking me to put Duchess under the desk because she does not like dogs. She also complains if Duchess chew bones are on the floor as well but most of the workers in the department understand that Duchess needs things to keep her busy through the long hours and understand that aspect. So this will really help make things easier for all of us in the department because our cubicles will not be a walk through to the other side of the office.

                             I think this change of having sliding doors will get rid of many of the issues I have had over the past year. There has been quite a few times people are running through the office right by my desk and almost stepped on Duchess. One person did step on her accidentally because they were rushing through. There has also been people who come by and try to pet Duchess from time to time. I am always trying to keep this from happening but its frustrating when I am having to tell people no when I am trying to work. I have had so many things happen because they did not know Duchess was there. I am thinking I will get less interruptions and also less issues because of the new sliding doors. I know Duchess will also be in a much better place when she is at work. The downside of this is that the cost of the sliding doors but the benefits out way the alternatives. I also think there will less people coming by to just chat because they will have to come through the doors.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Possible Chaging Dynamics

                   I know things are about to get very interesting here pretty quickly. I know I will be having meetings with human resources to address the latest blood sugar testing complaint. I know they will call in the disability advocate on campus to go over the laws and such pertaining to the situation. I am currently protected because of my work accommodations to take care of my diabetes such as ability to test when necessary, change pump sites, take breaks for lows, they even provided a fridge at my desk for juice boxes and food that I will  need. This is so much more convenient  than having to go down a step flight of stairs to get juice. I also have a drawer at my desk which I store glucose tabs smarties etc. and snack items. So I know I have not done anything outside of my accommodations so I am covered. I know that HR might make the whole office take a mandatory class on diabetes to educate them on seriousness of my condition because of how quickly my blood sugar is normal next thing i am having a seizure. So I know the education is necessary but I find it interesting even after two seizures at work last year that some people still do not get how important my testing, snack, and other engagement is too keeping me stable if at all possible. So if everyone is required to attend I fear that will create some pissed off people but I also really support this education because maybe they might actually get that my testing is going to happen not matter if you are queasy about blood or not. I know that people can always look the other way. So I know I have a lot of possible changing dynamics at work if we do have a meeting about this.

                     I have never had so many issue with my diabetes until I worked for the State. My other jobs they left me alone but here not so much. I know my previous department a woman complained that I got extra breaks and time to eat if necessary and she disagreed with this. She wanted the same options but had not disability. I know I really wanted to tell her I will trade you for your working pancreas any day.  I am hoping that my meetings go well and we can come up with a solution to this issue. I know education is really all that is needed to help with this issue.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Feelings about Yesterday's Events

Diabetes glucose level blood test using ultra mini glucometer kit and small drop of blood from finger and test strips isolated on a white background. Device shows 120  mg/dL which is normal  Stock Photo - 8791011

                         I am so thankful that yesterday when I was confronted about testing that I stayed very cordial and stayed very calm. Mind you that it did mess with my blood sugars as a high blood sugar which was not appreciated but when I get stressed I either go high or low. I think I have been a bubble of stress and the typing of this incident at work could not of been worse. I am actually still very angry that I was treated in the manner I was by a coworker but I will never understand why it is a big deal I am managing my condition. I am really thrown off because she told my manager that her sister would test in other room's so her family would not have to see. She has again asked this morning that I not test at anytime in the office where people can see which will not happen. I am ready to fight this type of ignorance. I know she is older but she needs to learn that things with diabetes do not need to be hidden or be ashamed of because we are humans. I find a person should not get sick from seeing a tiny drop of blood which very similar to amount of bleeding from a paper cut which can't always be avoided. I am still just floored by the whole events and feel like I have a right to be after yesterdays outburst during lunch. I am planning on standing my ground because if I don't it could affect other who come after me. I am big believer that we need to make it clear that our medical needs are very pertinent to me being able to be safe at work, home etc. I know all the stress of yesterday will even effect Duchess in that she tends to pick up my feelings and emotions so sadly my best friend was stressed like I was. She went to sleep much earlier than usual and I know it related to the all the drama at work. I try to do my best but I will no longer go out of my to accommodate others in the office because I have no seen first hand what will happen.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Very Bad Encounter

                          I have to say working in a huge office can be difficult with so many personalities. I know I have this woman who works on the office who constantly has purposely makes snide remarks about Duchess being out from under my desk at the office and that she should not be sitting next to my chair . I work in the bunch of cubicles and Duchess having to stay all day under a desk that is dark for ten hours seems to be unrealistic in my mind. Today my blood sugar was not wanting to stay in range so I decided to start eating my lunch and once it was high enough bolus for my lunch. So I took my test kit down to the lunch room with me and was eating them I tested. I did test some what under the table as always. I try to keep it out of everyone's site if possible. I guess I was not hiding it well enough because that woman told me at lunch that she never wanted me to test my blood sugar down stairs in the lunch room which is interesting because he sister was a type 1 diabetic who died. She said blood makes her sick and I should not do it where people can see. I find it interesting how she can't see it but I am sure her sister had to test her blood sugar too. I know she talks about how she used to spend so much time with her sister but I find it hard to believe she would have such an issue. I have decided I am going to do what I need to do and forget about her. I normally test at my desk but today was not my normal routine either. So I will do what I need to do regardless of others feelings and most at the lunch table all commented they did  not care because they knew I needed to take care of things. I am not going to bend over backwards for someone who dislikes me and Duchess for no good reason and makes work for difficult.

                         I then find out she went to my manager saying that blood makes her sick and she should not have to deal with that at work. I am always going out of my way to walk around so she does not have to see or be near Duchess but after a while I have realized I am being too accommodating and that stops today. I go out of my way to make sure I do not upset too many people if possible but sometimes that is impossible. I have gotten myself so worked up that my blood sugar is 200 now. So insulin is on board and I am hoping things work out.

Possible Root Cause Found or Just A Ploy for More Money?

                      I was reading an article from Boston Children's hospital which a link is attached. The article talks about the fact that they have found root cause of diabetes one gene is particular has been isolated. They go on as usual to spew that there is only 215 thousand type 1 in the US but that number is no where near accurate from what I have read even if you only count children that number is off. They talk about with the identification of the genes they can now possibly not only prevent type 1 diabetes in the future but also cure type 1 diabetes with therapies for children. I know they only specialize in dealing with children so I am sure that cure will only address the newly diagnosed people or those who have only had it several years. I am not sure what to think of this article if they really have found the root cause that would be wonderful but I also have a feeling even with that information a cure would be at least 5 years out for some people. I know those who have had diabetes for long term would be the hardest to find a cure for diabetes. I also wonder if this article is a plow to get funding from families as well. I look at the source of the article and makes you wonder if they are just trying to increase their research funding by saying they have a possible gene or will have a possible cure to get more money. I know this was not published by a reviewed team so I guess we will not exactly know.

Friday, June 14, 2013

On Another Low Roller Coaster Ride

                   I had a really rough night into this morning of lows that would not go away for hours. I ate probably my estimate is around 450 carbs since 12pm last night. I was late to work because I was at 30 when I should be getting ready. I will not leave my house if my blood sugar is that low and ride the bus to work because I know there is always the possibility for me to get lost etc. I really doubt that with Duchess I would get lost but I used to before I got her and I always carry that fear with me. No matter how much time has gone on since the last time I got lost. That for me was the scariest moments of my life where I did not remember what happened for a 9 hour period of time. I also had no idea where I was at when I started to come out of my low. I did figure out pretty quickly where I was located at once my blood sugar started to come up. I am so  blessed to have Duchess because nothing has happened such as getting lost. Thankfully I did make it into work but I also did not sleep much either but at least I will be able to get my hours in. I am hoping for a much smoother night tonight.

                      I am not going to drive myself crazy trying to figure this out. I did call my Endocrinologist office and surprisingly he called me back. I think my pancreas decided to produce insulin for around 9 hours. I took my insulin pump off for hours and was still low. So my defective pancreas wins again. I really just want a refund or an exchange for a working one.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What was I thinking ??

                      I still can't believe I have done it again. I forgot my pump at home again. This is the 3rd time I did it this year. I am not sure how I keep forgetting it except I was running late. I know I was trying to get out the door on time which I did but I was worried I would not catch my bus on time. I also started out the day with a bad low of 45 which is less than ideal but it was moving down quickly. So I am sure that played a part in the forgetting of the pump. I honestly think all my overtime and extended hours at the office are starting to catch up with me in some ways. It happens every year but thankfully I have my vacation coming up on July 9-15th which cannot get her fast enough. I still can't believe I keep forgetting it at home. Thankfully I am able to manage for the day without the pump but the bad part is that I have more lows. So Duchess is going to be working harder today to keep up with everything. I think I need to do a quick pump check before I walk out the door to catch the bus that way I don't have to use Levemir for the day or do injections. I really prefer to just use my pump I love having the ability to use temp basal and other features of the pump.

                       I was hoping today would be a smooth Thursday but it has not started off so well. Hoping that I will get things back to normal once I get home and I can reconnect. I know these days really do help me appreciate my insulin pump even more. Days without the pump are not one's I enjoy. I am double checking I have my pump on Friday morning for sure. I don't want to do another day without my pump at work.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Not All Beautiful Meadows & Spring Flowers

                   I hear very frequently how great it must be to have Duchess. I feel very fortunate but in reality I would really love to have my old life back in so many ways. I think everyone has this very romantic idea of how everyday is spring time and I am dancing around in a beautiful meadow with Duchess running free next to me. I know people are like you can play with her all day and hug on her etc but in reality there is benefits to having her around but it is not as wonderful as many people imagine. I have public access issues, constant educating of everyone around me and also service dog etiquette that needs to be followed. There is always so much to be aware of such as if things will affect Duchess ability to do her job, will an activity be dangerous for her and what type of gear will I need to carry with me. I have a bag of items just for Duchess which has her rain coat, her dog boots, her treats, dog food and extra leash. I also carry all my supplies so life is not this really cool things I think most people think it is. The biggest time consuming thing for me is the constant training and work she needs to keep her on track. There will always be the wonderful and not so wonderful to having a service dog but I am not sure where people get that it such a glamorous thing that is filled with fun. There will also be some fun aspects to having a service dog but I am just astonished how much people think it would be so much more that it is.

                     I know I am fortunate that I had the chance to purchase Duchess and to had this incredible tool in my arsenal. I am thankful the good and the bad actually most of the time but I know I have some bad days as well. I have learned so much about how to handle things such as conflicts in a better manner because of my public access issues and also how educating can be so important. I know my work to many issues because of some of the obstacles I have faced in the past couple of years. I am sure the thought that life is all roses will never change but at least I know what some of the general public thinks at times.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Addressing Public Access Issue at Costco

                   This weekend I had a public access issue that really upset me because I have had great luck with less public access issues verses in the beginning. I went to Costco on the weekend which we all know is crazy no matter where you live. I have been going to this location for about 4 or 5 months and everyone has been really great about Duchess up to that point. I enter Costco entrance and flash my card and start to walk in. Then the woman at the door says is that a service animal I reply that yes she is a service animal. Then she asks me what my disability is. I told her that she is breaking a federal law by asking that question. I can tell you the task she performs for me but I will not tell you my disability. The woman replies that she does not believe I am disabled and I need to leave my dog in the car mind you it is in the 90's out. I am never leaving Duchess in the car. After being told that my disability is not real really infuriates me. I know I hate the term disability but after getting lost when low I really need someone with me or Duchess in order to keep me safe. I actually feel the safest having Duchess with me.

                     The ignorance of this woman was really bad. I know everyone has an idea in their mind what a disabled person should look like. I know I look healthy but I do have some issues. I find it really frustrating and I know the woman was one that could not be educated. I know I started to walk away from the woman after she asked again what my disability is. I know I could tell her but if I do then she will expect all people to do the same. I want everyone to have the right to some privacy. I grabbed what I needed from Costco and left. I did call the manager who was not very receptive to my educating on service dog laws and such. So now I have contact corporate and I hoping to have them review or provide training about service animals. I am hoping to get things to change. I was so taken aback by this because normally I have never had any issues at Costco. If things do not get better I am thinking of having numerous people with service animals that are members come with me to Costco to get the message across we are not going to disappear and they need to treat us with respect. I am just blown away that I was treated this way when Duchess was acting like a well trained service animal should but as usual ignorance is bliss.

Monday, June 10, 2013

My First Night With Duchess

                   I have been thinking about my adventure of getting Duchess. I remember that long drive to Oklahoma City and how anxious I felt. I know the day when I arrived to meet Duchess and sign the contracts and such for Duchess. I know I felt this really hefty anxiety because what if this did not work and what would I do? I know when I meet Duchess for the first time she alerted 10 minutes after me being in the room I was 72. I know I was in the room and there was 4 other dogs as well and I had 5 paws coming at me. I knew after that point I was going to be okay but I know I was really still nervous about the week I was going to spend training with Duchess. She was a really great listener and was wonderful at following directions. I know this process was also so very exciting and new. I really did not know what to expect and how we would out as a team. There is always a chance of a team not working out because environments and other factors could cause issues. I know that first night that I took Duchess back to the hotel with me I was pretty anxious and excited too because she loved me the minute she meet me. I know she was so excited about her job as well. It really was an interesting experience that night. She wanted to roll all over me because I know she knew my scent. She had been trained with it and knew who I was the minute I walked in the door that day I first meet her. I know there was so many emotion that went into that day. I know she was really wound up because I think she knew I was going to be her new partner. She was just as excited as I was to being our journey together. I know we

                   I don't ever think I will forget all the emotions of that day it was very confusing all the different things I felt and the renewed hope was also a really wonderful things as well. It was such a wonderful day but so incredibly tiring and interesting. There was so many things that I felt that I did not expect to feel such a jumble of things from happiness to anxiety.  I feel we were really well matched but it was such a weird experience going from no dog to having one follow me around all day. I know my previous dog had died a year before and so I was not ready to get another dog until Duchess. I know it was so many changes but in the end all good. I know my first night I will always remember especially since that was the first night alert I had ever received.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Exercise Always Equal Lows

                      I have successfully reduced my lows in general but sadly my biggest struggle is with exercise even if I snack before hand and reduce basals I still tend to go low afterwards. I know since my Hypoglycemia Unawareness exercise has really been an obstacle. I can walk long distances but anything vigorous I can end up with lows for hours afterwards. So that is my next project is too find what will work for me to be able to do various types of exercise and keep the lows to a minimum if at all possible. I know I have learned so much along the way but I am not sure exactly how I am going to fix this. I know the more out of the box solutions tend to work well for me so I am going to work on a solution for that. I know I love to run when I can but it just seems to really cause a lot of lows. I am running short distances a mile or two and still have lows so I guess I will have to come up with a great idea how to better manage it. So I am on my new mission to reduce lows during and after exercise. Hopefully I will come up with a good plan. Wish me luck because I am going to need it.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Positive Influence

                     I sometimes forget how much Duchess affects those around her. Even though they are unable to pet her she still has a lasting impact. I know people have purchased a dog for the first time because they loved Duchess so much. Others have started to drink more water because they hear her drinking her water frequently. I know some people go outside more on nice days because they see Duchess and I going for a walk during our breaks. She has a very lasting impact not only for me but a great deal of others. I know there has been many reports stating that work places that allow pets are more productive and have less stress. I know I don't get nearly as upset having her around and I tend to take more breaks where in the past I would just work through them. She in many ways is a good example of what we should be doing as well. We all could stand to drink more water, exercise and take a breather. I know she has long day but she still manages to have fun at work. I know I try to make it as positive as I can. I know it can be so easy to get caught up in all that is going on but she reminds me of the important things. I know she has affected me in ways I did not even begin to think of but it also nice to see how she affects others as well. I know she has changed my world and seems to have done the same for others as well.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shaking My Head

                     I know my Dr. appointment I had on Monday really had me pretty upset because it was past 5pm and they were running late. I think they thought it would be easier to not do the normal and tell me to come back. I will not got back to see a Dr. who does that. A Dr. who tells you at the appointment that they are running behind and will refund my copay and see me in the next couple of days would of been fine with me but rushing me out the door and saying I was fine did not go over to well neither did all the discussion about Duchess and nothing about how I was feeling. I like educating and talking about Duchess hence my blog but I also feel that would be after what was needed was addressed. I am still really thrown that they said my first Dr. was wrong but the Dr. was actually a really well know physician and highly referred to Dr. who I found to be well educated and went into great deal with me the diagnosis. I am still really shocked by how my appointment went to an extent. I am used to going to the Dr. but I have never quite had an appointment like this.

                      I know I am supposed to go back in two weeks but I have decided to switch to another Dr in the same practice since all medical records and such will be available. I found it really funny on Tuesday I got several calls from the Dr. office saying that I really needed to get blood work done right away again I found this amusing because according to the Dr. I am fine in his own words. I decided since they were bugging me that I would go get the blood work done so I have some current information for my next Dr. I will be seeing. I was surprised when I went to my appointment yesterday to get my blood drawn and was surprised at how many tubes of blood they were taking. The took 10 large tubes of blood and that seems like an awful lot to again take from some one who is fine but I am at thins point left pretty speechless in the fact that they ordered so much blood but I also have a feeling that the Dr. has no clue what is wrong. I am hoping I have better luck with the next.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Struggles with Eating Out

                        I have some up coming events at work in which a large group of us are going out for lunch. I always struggle with the fact that I limit the groups choices of where I can go for lunch. Normally I get emailed a list of one's we can pick from and I review the menu's for items that I will be able to eat safely. I also look at reviews and such for people with Celiac's disease who have eaten at those restaurants. I have learned a great deal about eating out from others experiences as well. So I try to be as flexible as possible and I always willing to eat a salad if I need to so that they can enjoy certain places. I also want to be able to eat more than salads so when we have our work staff appreciation lunch i try to pick a place where there is options besides just a salad. I am always prepared with lara bars or kind bars in my purse to if I end up eating a salad because I will have not other carbs except for in the dressing. I sometimes feel like I am okay with making sacrifices or accommodations if necessary but I always struggle with having other people adjusting because I am there or will be going to lunch. I always feel like I don't want to burden others with my diabetes or celiac's disease in any manner. I know for me it has been a really heavy load to carry at times and I feel like my work dealing with my seizures last year and seeing my bad lows as heavy burden in some ways for them as well. I am always trying to reduce them feeling responsible for having to watch out for me. I know they care but I feel like that should be my concern and not theirs but I am also glad they know what to do in a case of emergencies or seizures. I know I have a big issues over the years in letting others help me because I want to do it all but I know sometimes I need to be okay with needing what is necessary.

                        I know next week when our lunch comes around it will be fun but I wish my limitations did not limit others in any way but I guess that is my life now in some ways. I know the celiac's disease thing has actually been the hardest thing to adjust to in many ways verses the other medical issues I have. I find it interesting how much it can affect your life. I do have a friend now with it as well and I have learned some things from her as well. Hopefully the longer I have it the easier it will get and less guilty I will feel for needing to avoid gluten.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Waste of Time

                        I went to a new Dr. yesterday and I thought I would do the normal new patient work up. It was a referral to this Dr. and so I was really expecting more to happen. The Dr. walks in and of course the office is abuzz because I have Duchess with me. So the asks me two or three questions and says I look fine. The Dr. did not examine me or even go over any of my symptoms that I was having. I was told that I needed to continue what I have been doing for 10 years and it should be fine. I find it funny how the minute I arrive they want money but yet the Dr. did nothing and had determined before he even say me that everything was fine. He did not order further blood tests or anything else. I did ask him if he was going to order more blood work and he said if I wanted too he would run more. Then we went into a discussion about what Duchess does for me and her alerts and such. We spent more time discussing Duchess than we did discussing my issues. Then the Dr. says that he might want to see me back. I know I was pretty angry because I paid my copy and did not even discuss what my issues have been.

                       Then the Dr. decides before I walk out the door that he needs blood work and should schedule an appointment to see him again. I have decided to not see this Dr. again for obvious reasons. The Dr. also said the previous Dr who diagnosed me was wrong possibly but the interesting thing about that is I saw that Dr. actually doing blood work and did a very through exam. I have a feeling that the other Dr. was not wrong in fact was a very well know Dr in his field so I am betting the new one is wrong.  I am not a fan of you look fine and so I am not going to do my job but I want you to pay to see me again. I am not even going to bother with the blood work either. I am sure they will want to come back in to get results. I have never felt so much like I had wasted my time at a Dr.'s as I have this time. I can go to another specialist but I am not even going to bother at this point. I know Duchess is wonderful but I as the patient needs to be taken care of if time permits discuss Duchess but when you skip the part of seeing me that is rather disturbing to me. I do not want to waste any more money. I think I will see my acupuncturist because no matter the issue I always get things addressed quite easily.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Interesing Day of Meeting New People

                   I had an interesting weekend of meeting new people while grocery shopping. I was out at a small grocery store I buy my produce and some gluten free products. I got stopped by a younger man who wanted to take a picture of Duchess. I am always weary of having pictures taken of Duchess because I am not sure of the purpose. So he told me that his girlfriend has a lab mix that looked like Duchess who is a PTSD service dog. I have not seen any of the PTSD dogs in service in the area so it was great to hear that their is another lab mix that is a working dog as well. I know we discussed public access issues and other things but his girlfriend has had very little trouble but I know I had major issues. I am not sure why some get pulled aside but others do not. I guess I will never know but it was nice to know I am not the only one in my area currently. I know there is a seizure alert dog, two or three seeing eye dogs and Duchess. I am hoping with the increasing number of service dogs will continue to make things easier for everyone. I know I have worked very hard to educate other so maybe that is helping others who have come after me. I am hopping one day Duchess will meet the PTSD dog in the store I know she would love that.

                  I meet another type 1 diabetic this weekend who had it 58 years since he was 9. I know he approached me to ask what Duchess was for. I told him she was a diabetic alert dog and explained all the wonderful things she does for me. I know he told me that had never heard of a diabetic alert dog. He told me he felt lucky to still feel lows but had other issues. I know he mentioned he was having some kidney issues and left his job because of his diabetes. I know that has been my fear for a while. I know I had issues with discrimination because of my diabetes with my current employer but different department. I know crazy things can become when you have diabetes issues and a workplace who does not want you anymore. He from what he told me got really low and started to throw things around. I know I have done strange things as well but nothing like that. I know it can happen. He said he took time off and his boss had made comments and such that he knew he would have to quit. He talked extensively about his embarrassment over the things that happened that day. I know during my seizure I was incredibly embarrassed and I don't think you ever get used to that. It was nice to meet another type 1 who has had it that long. I have meet two people in the past three months with type 1 over 50 years both doing pretty well. I know until I had Duchess I have never meet so many type 1 diabetics in Austin.