Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Making Changes to Reduce Stress at Work

                        Last week I felt very attacked and beaten up in many ways which I feel is a good reflection of what was happening. I know that things do affect Duchess but sometimes it can be all too easy to forget how things can affect her. I know this week after some fun both of us are doing much better. I know I will still be little edgy but that is expected because I feel attacked but the good part is that I am seeing less of her walking by my desk and wandering through my area. I am hoping it stays that way in the future because I really just want to be able to do my job without all the extra stress of drama. I know Duchess is a little less wired up this week and seems to be even more focused which is what I need her to be. Mind you she was on top of everything last week but she also was sleeping a lot more than usual. I know that I am trying to give her a chance to rest before our vacation so that she can enjoy it too. I know she works so hard I want to provide a safe environment for her to be with me in. All the drama of having a service dog at work does not makes things easier for me. It tends to just add more and more to my plate. So I have officially decided that I am not going to accommodate people as much because I have found they think I can be pushed around because of this. So not things are much simpler and I will come to work get what I need done and go home. I am going to ignore the complaints because most of them our because they just don't understand or really care to learn why. So making things simpler for me in the long run will equal less stress. I know the past 5 years I did not handle stress well and that has not changed. So I need to work on ways to reduce the stress and still accomplish what I need. I have to give Duchess a lot of credit because she really was great during a very difficult time and still continued to work. I know each and everyday she amazes me with not only he caring but also he motivation to keep me safe.


  1. Hey Tarra, just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you as you go through all of this stuff.

  2. Thanks Scott I really appreciate it. I am awaiting the backlash from my coworkers because the woman is really well liked. I am sure there will be a price for me to pay because I did fight back for my rights.