Friday, June 28, 2013

Rising Temperatures

                      Thankfully things are starting to settle down which is good. I know the past several weeks the temperature has been rising pretty steadily to the 100's which is normal for this time of year. This also means that my daily basal rates can change dramatically in just several days. I know I have dropped around 3 units before once we are staying in the hundreds and right now we are. So I have dropped 2 units so far but this is always an interesting time for me because I am extremely temperature sensitive these days. I used to not be at temperature sensitive but for some reason now I am. I pretty much review my basal rated daily because if I can keep ahead of things I can change them quickly enough to avoid some bad lows. I have noticed a pattern of issues that pop up in the summer with the heat and the fact that this is a really busy time of year for me at work. High stress and heat really can do a number on me at times. So I am trying my best to look daily and review as I go to find areas where I can reduce further to reduce chance of seizures and lows. I have leaned so much from last years events but I really do not want to repeat them if possible. I know Duchess has been very good with the increase of heat being on watch she seems to be more attentive right now which really makes me feel better. I know with the Dexcom as well I will be better able to manage this time than last year. I would be lost without Duchess and my Dexcom which is working so much better since I now am using my arms and legs.

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