Monday, June 17, 2013

Possible Root Cause Found or Just A Ploy for More Money?

                      I was reading an article from Boston Children's hospital which a link is attached. The article talks about the fact that they have found root cause of diabetes one gene is particular has been isolated. They go on as usual to spew that there is only 215 thousand type 1 in the US but that number is no where near accurate from what I have read even if you only count children that number is off. They talk about with the identification of the genes they can now possibly not only prevent type 1 diabetes in the future but also cure type 1 diabetes with therapies for children. I know they only specialize in dealing with children so I am sure that cure will only address the newly diagnosed people or those who have only had it several years. I am not sure what to think of this article if they really have found the root cause that would be wonderful but I also have a feeling even with that information a cure would be at least 5 years out for some people. I know those who have had diabetes for long term would be the hardest to find a cure for diabetes. I also wonder if this article is a plow to get funding from families as well. I look at the source of the article and makes you wonder if they are just trying to increase their research funding by saying they have a possible gene or will have a possible cure to get more money. I know this was not published by a reviewed team so I guess we will not exactly know.

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