Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Where Do I go From Here?

                   I know recently the only thing that is helping me to keep my sanity is my exercise it has helped with the stress and growing tension that is around me. I am not sure where things will go from here. I feel like there is a growing need to start looking for other employment if this is what I am going to have to deal with on a regular basis. I know I quite sadly they win which I don't want but I feel even more isolated in many ways at work. I am one of the few that does not go around the office gossiping or socializing all day. So I am really surprised that people's response to my request to be able to test my blood sugar anywhere in the office. I was talking with some coworkers who agreed with the woman that I should not test in the lunch room because they say it could be done in the bathroom or else where. I guess it really goes to show you the ignorance is really bliss. I know they all were their during my seizures so I am really surprised by this response but I don't give a care at this point. I am no longer taking their point of view in perspective because I have learned the more flexible the more they want me to bend. I think at this point my view of most of my coworkers have changed by this whole incident. I really wish it has never happened but I guess it good to know in some ways. I know currently I feel very isolated because of the fact that most people do not want to talk with me because I had to go to HR. I think I handled the situation in a very professional manner. I am really happy that my vacation is coming up on July 9 through the 15th. It really can't come soon enough.

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