Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Feelings about Yesterday's Events

Diabetes glucose level blood test using ultra mini glucometer kit and small drop of blood from finger and test strips isolated on a white background. Device shows 120  mg/dL which is normal  Stock Photo - 8791011

                         I am so thankful that yesterday when I was confronted about testing that I stayed very cordial and stayed very calm. Mind you that it did mess with my blood sugars as a high blood sugar which was not appreciated but when I get stressed I either go high or low. I think I have been a bubble of stress and the typing of this incident at work could not of been worse. I am actually still very angry that I was treated in the manner I was by a coworker but I will never understand why it is a big deal I am managing my condition. I am really thrown off because she told my manager that her sister would test in other room's so her family would not have to see. She has again asked this morning that I not test at anytime in the office where people can see which will not happen. I am ready to fight this type of ignorance. I know she is older but she needs to learn that things with diabetes do not need to be hidden or be ashamed of because we are humans. I find a person should not get sick from seeing a tiny drop of blood which very similar to amount of bleeding from a paper cut which can't always be avoided. I am still just floored by the whole events and feel like I have a right to be after yesterdays outburst during lunch. I am planning on standing my ground because if I don't it could affect other who come after me. I am big believer that we need to make it clear that our medical needs are very pertinent to me being able to be safe at work, home etc. I know all the stress of yesterday will even effect Duchess in that she tends to pick up my feelings and emotions so sadly my best friend was stressed like I was. She went to sleep much earlier than usual and I know it related to the all the drama at work. I try to do my best but I will no longer go out of my to accommodate others in the office because I have no seen first hand what will happen.


  1. Stay strong and don't let her get you down (cause by stressing you and Dutchess out..the bitch still wins ... a bit)

  2. Thanks Ann that is so true. Thankfully she does not know that I was stressed but I am sure she noticed the tension at lunch. I know my coworker felt it as well but I acted like I was not fazed by it. I am trying to not let her win at all costs. She is really a bully who gets away with it.