Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shaking My Head

                     I know my Dr. appointment I had on Monday really had me pretty upset because it was past 5pm and they were running late. I think they thought it would be easier to not do the normal and tell me to come back. I will not got back to see a Dr. who does that. A Dr. who tells you at the appointment that they are running behind and will refund my copay and see me in the next couple of days would of been fine with me but rushing me out the door and saying I was fine did not go over to well neither did all the discussion about Duchess and nothing about how I was feeling. I like educating and talking about Duchess hence my blog but I also feel that would be after what was needed was addressed. I am still really thrown that they said my first Dr. was wrong but the Dr. was actually a really well know physician and highly referred to Dr. who I found to be well educated and went into great deal with me the diagnosis. I am still really shocked by how my appointment went to an extent. I am used to going to the Dr. but I have never quite had an appointment like this.

                      I know I am supposed to go back in two weeks but I have decided to switch to another Dr in the same practice since all medical records and such will be available. I found it really funny on Tuesday I got several calls from the Dr. office saying that I really needed to get blood work done right away again I found this amusing because according to the Dr. I am fine in his own words. I decided since they were bugging me that I would go get the blood work done so I have some current information for my next Dr. I will be seeing. I was surprised when I went to my appointment yesterday to get my blood drawn and was surprised at how many tubes of blood they were taking. The took 10 large tubes of blood and that seems like an awful lot to again take from some one who is fine but I am at thins point left pretty speechless in the fact that they ordered so much blood but I also have a feeling that the Dr. has no clue what is wrong. I am hoping I have better luck with the next.

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