Thursday, June 13, 2013

What was I thinking ??

                      I still can't believe I have done it again. I forgot my pump at home again. This is the 3rd time I did it this year. I am not sure how I keep forgetting it except I was running late. I know I was trying to get out the door on time which I did but I was worried I would not catch my bus on time. I also started out the day with a bad low of 45 which is less than ideal but it was moving down quickly. So I am sure that played a part in the forgetting of the pump. I honestly think all my overtime and extended hours at the office are starting to catch up with me in some ways. It happens every year but thankfully I have my vacation coming up on July 9-15th which cannot get her fast enough. I still can't believe I keep forgetting it at home. Thankfully I am able to manage for the day without the pump but the bad part is that I have more lows. So Duchess is going to be working harder today to keep up with everything. I think I need to do a quick pump check before I walk out the door to catch the bus that way I don't have to use Levemir for the day or do injections. I really prefer to just use my pump I love having the ability to use temp basal and other features of the pump.

                       I was hoping today would be a smooth Thursday but it has not started off so well. Hoping that I will get things back to normal once I get home and I can reconnect. I know these days really do help me appreciate my insulin pump even more. Days without the pump are not one's I enjoy. I am double checking I have my pump on Friday morning for sure. I don't want to do another day without my pump at work.


  1. I really hate when I do that. Trying to avoid it at all costs.