Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Addressing Public Access Issue at Costco

                   This weekend I had a public access issue that really upset me because I have had great luck with less public access issues verses in the beginning. I went to Costco on the weekend which we all know is crazy no matter where you live. I have been going to this location for about 4 or 5 months and everyone has been really great about Duchess up to that point. I enter Costco entrance and flash my card and start to walk in. Then the woman at the door says is that a service animal I reply that yes she is a service animal. Then she asks me what my disability is. I told her that she is breaking a federal law by asking that question. I can tell you the task she performs for me but I will not tell you my disability. The woman replies that she does not believe I am disabled and I need to leave my dog in the car mind you it is in the 90's out. I am never leaving Duchess in the car. After being told that my disability is not real really infuriates me. I know I hate the term disability but after getting lost when low I really need someone with me or Duchess in order to keep me safe. I actually feel the safest having Duchess with me.

                     The ignorance of this woman was really bad. I know everyone has an idea in their mind what a disabled person should look like. I know I look healthy but I do have some issues. I find it really frustrating and I know the woman was one that could not be educated. I know I started to walk away from the woman after she asked again what my disability is. I know I could tell her but if I do then she will expect all people to do the same. I want everyone to have the right to some privacy. I grabbed what I needed from Costco and left. I did call the manager who was not very receptive to my educating on service dog laws and such. So now I have contact corporate and I hoping to have them review or provide training about service animals. I am hoping to get things to change. I was so taken aback by this because normally I have never had any issues at Costco. If things do not get better I am thinking of having numerous people with service animals that are members come with me to Costco to get the message across we are not going to disappear and they need to treat us with respect. I am just blown away that I was treated this way when Duchess was acting like a well trained service animal should but as usual ignorance is bliss.

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