Friday, June 21, 2013

Having a Service Dog in a Office Is a Very Difficult.

                       I have really learned for my latest issue that their has been complaints about this or that because of a real lack of understanding. I have people get mad because Duchess has peanut butter filled bones and chew toys at work to keep her occupied and they say it looks messy or they just want her to stay on her dog cot and not move all day. I have a very high energy lab who needs some mental stimulation during the day. A bored lab is never a very good thing from my experience. So I allow her to have toys to occupy her time. During the end of April to October my average work day is 7:30-5pm everyday and that is not a short day for a dog so I need things to keep her happy. I do play with her with squeaky toys at break and take her for a  walk all to help. I am really so upset because they think a dog should never be a dog. A service dog is trained yes but at the end of the day she will always be a dog. She has the same needs as a pet and even more needs to keep up her alerting. So I make decisions accordingly but I have also talked with her original trainer and she told that Duchess needs that stimulation at work. So I will continue to do what I need to do but I will be criticized regardless because people do not understand. Duchess is not only my friend but a partner in better control and less lows. I will not change how I currently do things but I am really glad I will have a sliding door installed which is frosted so people will not see her dog toys or treats. I never dreamed working with a service dog would create so many issues for me especially when I try so hard to do what is right for everyone. I have also know I will never be able to please everyone.

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