Monday, June 10, 2013

My First Night With Duchess

                   I have been thinking about my adventure of getting Duchess. I remember that long drive to Oklahoma City and how anxious I felt. I know the day when I arrived to meet Duchess and sign the contracts and such for Duchess. I know I felt this really hefty anxiety because what if this did not work and what would I do? I know when I meet Duchess for the first time she alerted 10 minutes after me being in the room I was 72. I know I was in the room and there was 4 other dogs as well and I had 5 paws coming at me. I knew after that point I was going to be okay but I know I was really still nervous about the week I was going to spend training with Duchess. She was a really great listener and was wonderful at following directions. I know this process was also so very exciting and new. I really did not know what to expect and how we would out as a team. There is always a chance of a team not working out because environments and other factors could cause issues. I know that first night that I took Duchess back to the hotel with me I was pretty anxious and excited too because she loved me the minute she meet me. I know she was so excited about her job as well. It really was an interesting experience that night. She wanted to roll all over me because I know she knew my scent. She had been trained with it and knew who I was the minute I walked in the door that day I first meet her. I know there was so many emotion that went into that day. I know she was really wound up because I think she knew I was going to be her new partner. She was just as excited as I was to being our journey together. I know we

                   I don't ever think I will forget all the emotions of that day it was very confusing all the different things I felt and the renewed hope was also a really wonderful things as well. It was such a wonderful day but so incredibly tiring and interesting. There was so many things that I felt that I did not expect to feel such a jumble of things from happiness to anxiety.  I feel we were really well matched but it was such a weird experience going from no dog to having one follow me around all day. I know my previous dog had died a year before and so I was not ready to get another dog until Duchess. I know it was so many changes but in the end all good. I know my first night I will always remember especially since that was the first night alert I had ever received.


  1. How wonderful to have a safety net who drools and can cuddle.

  2. It was such an interesting time bonding with Duchess that first night. It was such a great start to my life with her.