Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Possible Chaging Dynamics

                   I know things are about to get very interesting here pretty quickly. I know I will be having meetings with human resources to address the latest blood sugar testing complaint. I know they will call in the disability advocate on campus to go over the laws and such pertaining to the situation. I am currently protected because of my work accommodations to take care of my diabetes such as ability to test when necessary, change pump sites, take breaks for lows, they even provided a fridge at my desk for juice boxes and food that I will  need. This is so much more convenient  than having to go down a step flight of stairs to get juice. I also have a drawer at my desk which I store glucose tabs smarties etc. and snack items. So I know I have not done anything outside of my accommodations so I am covered. I know that HR might make the whole office take a mandatory class on diabetes to educate them on seriousness of my condition because of how quickly my blood sugar is normal next thing i am having a seizure. So I know the education is necessary but I find it interesting even after two seizures at work last year that some people still do not get how important my testing, snack, and other engagement is too keeping me stable if at all possible. So if everyone is required to attend I fear that will create some pissed off people but I also really support this education because maybe they might actually get that my testing is going to happen not matter if you are queasy about blood or not. I know that people can always look the other way. So I know I have a lot of possible changing dynamics at work if we do have a meeting about this.

                     I have never had so many issue with my diabetes until I worked for the State. My other jobs they left me alone but here not so much. I know my previous department a woman complained that I got extra breaks and time to eat if necessary and she disagreed with this. She wanted the same options but had not disability. I know I really wanted to tell her I will trade you for your working pancreas any day.  I am hoping that my meetings go well and we can come up with a solution to this issue. I know education is really all that is needed to help with this issue.

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  1. keep repeating "people have the option to look away"