Monday, June 3, 2013

Interesing Day of Meeting New People

                   I had an interesting weekend of meeting new people while grocery shopping. I was out at a small grocery store I buy my produce and some gluten free products. I got stopped by a younger man who wanted to take a picture of Duchess. I am always weary of having pictures taken of Duchess because I am not sure of the purpose. So he told me that his girlfriend has a lab mix that looked like Duchess who is a PTSD service dog. I have not seen any of the PTSD dogs in service in the area so it was great to hear that their is another lab mix that is a working dog as well. I know we discussed public access issues and other things but his girlfriend has had very little trouble but I know I had major issues. I am not sure why some get pulled aside but others do not. I guess I will never know but it was nice to know I am not the only one in my area currently. I know there is a seizure alert dog, two or three seeing eye dogs and Duchess. I am hoping with the increasing number of service dogs will continue to make things easier for everyone. I know I have worked very hard to educate other so maybe that is helping others who have come after me. I am hopping one day Duchess will meet the PTSD dog in the store I know she would love that.

                  I meet another type 1 diabetic this weekend who had it 58 years since he was 9. I know he approached me to ask what Duchess was for. I told him she was a diabetic alert dog and explained all the wonderful things she does for me. I know he told me that had never heard of a diabetic alert dog. He told me he felt lucky to still feel lows but had other issues. I know he mentioned he was having some kidney issues and left his job because of his diabetes. I know that has been my fear for a while. I know I had issues with discrimination because of my diabetes with my current employer but different department. I know crazy things can become when you have diabetes issues and a workplace who does not want you anymore. He from what he told me got really low and started to throw things around. I know I have done strange things as well but nothing like that. I know it can happen. He said he took time off and his boss had made comments and such that he knew he would have to quit. He talked extensively about his embarrassment over the things that happened that day. I know during my seizure I was incredibly embarrassed and I don't think you ever get used to that. It was nice to meet another type 1 who has had it that long. I have meet two people in the past three months with type 1 over 50 years both doing pretty well. I know until I had Duchess I have never meet so many type 1 diabetics in Austin.

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