Monday, July 1, 2013

Dog Boots

                     I know with the Texas heat every year Duchess has to wear dog boots to keep her paws from burning. She does not seem to understand the purpose of the boots nor the fact that I care enough to make sure her paws do don't get burned. She absolutely hates to wear them but thankfully each day she does have to wear them the more she gets used to them and it becomes less of an issue. The funny part is that she prances when she wears them. She also will kick back her legs to the side as well. I feel terrible but I do laugh at her funny walk it it too funny to not laugh but then again Duchess really does infuse a real sense of laughter into my life which is great. I am big fan of the boots because this past Saturday I think it was 106 around 2pm and when its that hot it can be really dangerous to take Duchess onto the hot cement. So the boots do allow me to go out in this weather and still get everything I need done still and Duchess to be safe. I have been using Ruff Wear Grip Trex boots for a year and half now. I have to say they have held up well and they can also be used during hiking and camping as well. I like the soles on the shoes because they grip well and are also some what breathable as well.


                         The most interesting thing about wearing these boots is how much they love chatting about her boots or shoes as some call them. I know some people are smart enough to figure out that they are because how hot the concrete is but others seem to have not clue. I was really quite surprised this weekend when a parent was explaining to a child that the concrete can burn the dogs paws so she wears the boots to protect her paws when it hot. I also use the boots during the winter when it rains heavily and I need to go into places it easier to have the boots to wipe off verses wet dog paws.  I know when I went to the store I go the funniest looks why does that crazy lady put shoes on her dog. I know another person told another that lady takes this dressing up her dog way too far lol. I almost died laughing when I heard that. I also heard a lot of I wonder why the dog is wearing boots on when it is so hot outside its not winter. I had a good time with that one as well. I know I do the sandal test if it is hot to the touch on my foot it is also too hot for my dog but normally anything over 93 she is in her boots normally. I try to keep my DAD as safe and happy as possible.


  1. Wow - I guess I've never considered the need for doggy boots for hot weather! I learned something new today, Tarra! Thanks! :-)

  2. I know when I first got Duchess it was something I never considered until I realized how many things could harm her. So I am always in the frame of mind of how can I protect Duchess.