Thursday, July 25, 2013

Continuation of the Spikes

                  I had a feeling that the spikes would eventually end up with a bad low and sure enough it did. This morning I was low from 4:30-8:00am. I did not do that much of an increase but more temporary basals. I was late for work so that was less than ideal. I was too low after mass consumption of carbs and it really just took time so I could feel like I could get to work safely. I will not go to work unless I feel I am high enough to get my self safely to my job. I am really very good at not missing work and it only happens occasionally so I feel like me being safe is what is most important for me. I also realized that my Dexcom this new sensor is really off on average around 50 points which is less than ideal. So I am trying to battle the crazy spikes with a bad sensor is not very efficient. Thankfully Duchess has been on her game. I am hoping to get all the crazy spikes but I have a feeling this could be hormone related issue. It is just a guess but at this point I am still at a loss as too what is causing the spikes. I am at this point extremely frustrated. Hopefully I can figure it out quickly I have a very busy time of the year which August and September. I know Duchess is probably getting tired of the quick rising blood sugars those tend to scare her because she does not like fast rising or fast drops because she has seen what happens with fast drops. Hoping to really get this figured out soon. I have gotten thing to where things do not spike nearly as much but I have not solved the problem which is driving me crazy.

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