Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Funny Moments

         I still just can't say enough about my whole Friends for Life conference experience. I know Duchess was affected by the conference in many ways as well. When it came time to leave Orlando Duchess was not very happy in fact still was not very pleased today. I think she misses all her new diabetic buddies. I know I just can't say it enough about what incredible people I meet there. I had so much fun and great deal of laughs and emotional moments. I was really surprised how bummed out I was too be leaving the conference it went by so quickly and I just wanted more time to take it all in. I had such a great time just hanging out. I know I also had my fair share of lows but that is not completely unusual to an extent. I find sometimes when I travel things can get a little out of whack at times. I know the first night I was Orlando I was heading back to the Convention center to stop and get a refill on Soda before I headed to my room to relax. I know Duchess alerted and it was 42 so I knew I should sit down and relax while my blood sugars went back up. So I sat down and two families were in the hall way of the convention center with three little girls. Duchess re-alerts again so I know my blood sugar is not moving up like I would like. So the families stop to ask questions about Duchess. The two little girls approach to ask about Duchess. Then one little girl notices my Pink Animas One Touch Ping Pump. She get this really big smile on her face and seems to get all excited. Next thing I know the little girls are both lifting up their dresses to show me their insulin pumps and their green bracelets. I know one of the little girl also had to show me her spy belt that she had her insulin pump in. I know she was so excited to hear that I also owned a purple spy belt as well. I know when all the dress lifing was going on I had to laugh a little bit. I am not sure why it caught me so off guard but I am sure the low was not helping.

                   I had such a great little conversation with the family and the little girls. I was so surprised at how excited the little girls were about Duchess and the fact that I was diabetic as well. I know I wish I knew more kids that were diabetic when i was younger. I feel like friends for life provides the children and adults alike such an incredible opportunities to interact with each other. I know I thought it was so cute and special how these two little girls wanted to share with me there pumps it was incredibly sweet and great reminder how much we all benefit from connecting with one another. I know I was blessed to have meet so many of you.


  1. Imagine how different things would have been for us growing up knowing there was more than a whole conference center full of people just like us! Would have made a huge difference in my life, that's for sure.

  2. I know I so wish we had this way back then. I know it would have made a difference in many ways. I know now I am just happy they are finally doing more for adults as well. It is always appreciated.