Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lows and All That Comes With It

                I had an interesting conversation when I was Friends for Life Conference. It was about lows and some of the crazy things you wake up too. I have woken up to food all over my bed on plates in bowls. Other times I have woken up to skittle in my hair and was laying on quite a few skittles I was really surprised I could even sleep that way but I guess I could. Thankfully it was fairly easy to get the skittles out of my hair but I have also had times where I had left a mess in the kitchen with juice glasses everywhere, food left on the counter and half eaten food in the fridge. I know there has been times where I woke up and I spilled a jar of glucose tablets on the bed or my bag of candy and thankfully Duchess leaves the candy alone and did not eat any. She is very hyper at times so giving her sugar is not really recommended. I know there has been time I knew I went to bed clothed and wake up naked so I know there is a great deal of things i have done when I was low. I know most of the time the next morning everything is very sketchy because those lows I have limited memory except that I knew I needed to eat something to get my blood sugar up. I know after the skittle incident I am trying to stay away from having skittles in bed because it was not fun trying to get all the skittles out of my hair. I thankfully have not had another skittle incident since but I am sure that could happen again. I know quite a few of us that were talking all seem to have our events not all the same but I know someone out there has woken up with candy in their hair like I have. I know I had such a great time just chatting about the crazy parts that no one else would get except another diabetic.

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