Monday, July 8, 2013

Flying With Duchess

                  I know I have already started packing for Friends for Life Conference in Orlando Florida. I will not be flying in until Wednesday wish I was flying in on today instead but I would not of been able to get that much time off from work sadly. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone at the conference. I know I have been looking forward to this for months. I have never been to Florida so this will be quite fun I am sure.

                  Duchess has started to pack her toys already into my suitcase as always. She is excited anytime she see's me getting out my suitcase. She knows we are going some where and that usually means we are flying. I have done numerous flights with Duchess so far and she always does so well. In fact she seems to like it. I know there is always several things I do before I leave. I always carry a copy of Duchess's vaccination  information (vet records), prescription information for my diabetic supplies, copy of TSA procedures for dealing with service animals and diabetics. I carry the TSA information so they cannot tell me I am unable to do things in a certain manner. I normally take all of Duchess's vest, leash collar so she will not set off metal detector. I also leave her in a down stay behind me and then call her through after I have went through the metal detector. I do this so they do not do an inspection of Duchess I do not want people touching her including the TSA. I had a friend who's service dog was manhandled by them and so I tried to avoid that happening. I have used the TSA paper work when a person tried to make me take Duchess through with her collar on. I told them no because I have right to go through the process in the manner that works for us as a team. I also am always to the airport as early as possible just because of the fact that it will take me longer to go through security with my computer and Duchess. These things all slow me down even being in the disabled section I know people can get anxious when they are behind me which drives me crazy. I know I try my best to get through the process as quickly as possible but when traveling by myself there is not much I can do to get through it faster at times.

                    I have found being prepared for travel really can make the stressful process much easier even with traveling Duchess. The time I take in advance has made most flights more enjoyable and quite fast. I am a big fan of getting through TSA without having to have a pat down etc. Thankfully having Duchess they do not ask me to go through the body scanner and I can just go through the metal detector and have my hands swabbed for explosives instead which takes just minutes.


  1. Such an interesting post. Have a great time at the FFL conference. I'm jealous!

  2. I think it's so cool that Duchess packs her stuff. :-)

    Looking forward to meeting you both!

  3. I love that part too. She is the only dog I have ever had who loves to pack her own stuff.

    I am looking forward to meeting you too!!

  4. Thank you Laddie. I will report back about my trip. I just can't wait!!

  5. Duchess is sure one adventurous little doggie!! :) I'm so thrilled I was able to hang out with you two! Oh, and I agree, any time taken to prepare in advance for getting through airport security is time well spent.

  6. Duchess defiantly is adventurous for sure. I know I loved hanging out with you and Pete. Being prepared has always saved me time with getting through the airport.