Friday, July 26, 2013

Mental Health

                I know I have to say that after my DSMA (Diabetes Social Media Advocacy) experience talking about mental health issues related to diabetes. I really have to say I am blessed with my Endocrinologist and PA I see regularly. They both ask how I am feeling about things and for example if I feel burned out or in general struggling. They ask me if I am having trouble solving any issue such my site issues or Dexcom how it has been since switching to the arms and legs. I think they know that any of these things can contribute to burn out and other issues. I know they ask me if I feel like I am getting what I need from them such as proper resources or If I would like to see the CDE they have on staff or if I want to talk to someone about my diabetes in general. I have found that I could not be more pleased. I know in all the years as a diabetic I have never been asked how I am doing or how I felt about things as a diabetic. I know I was depressed for the whole time I was in high school for the most part and no one even noticed which is not good. I have needed to speak about my diabetes on off over the years but what is the saddest aspect is that no one every asked until my first appointment with my new Endocrinologist. I know I have dealt with depression over the years and I know it has never been easy. I feel now that I am in a great place because I do a great deal of things to help reduce the chance of being depressed but also know when I need to ask for help. I know that this weeks DSMA was a really great topic and I wish more physicians realized how important mental health can be to properly managing your diabetes.

                This blog post was spurred from a discussion with a friend about DSMA on Wednesday night. She told me she thought that in general mental health issues are never well managed for anyone but especially with diabetics. Our discussion went on and on about the fact how as a whole their solutions normally our just take this pill and everything will be fine but pills don't always solve the problem especially with a chronic illness like diabetes. I know I am so shocked to hear about a Dr. even asking how a patient was doing in general most of the time it is a game of how quickly can I get in and out of the room. So I am not surprised at the state of mental health care in the US because how badly it is handled with most diabetics I have meet.


  1. Man, I'm bummed I missed the chat. Mental health is such a huge issue for many of us living with diabetes.

    Sounds like I missed a good one.

  2. Yeah you missed a good one sadly. It was really good to talk about mental health. I learned a lot about what others have experienced as well.