Thursday, July 18, 2013

Great Endocrinologist Visit

                   I know I always get so out of whack just before I have to go to an Endocrinologist appointment. Even though my Dr.'s work with me I am always anxious and nervous not matter how prepared I am. I had my list of questions to ask, list of prescriptions I need refills for and input on some adjustments. I was all ready but my blood sugar decided to go crazy I was 42 by the time they called my name to go into the appointment. I know it was a fast dropping blood sugar because I had just treated a 75 a little before I left and Duchess was very insistent I needed to act quickly. I think I scared the nurse she was like that is very low but she really had not idea I have seen so much lower and I think because I am used to them to an extent I do not react act as fast as I would have in the past. I treated with some fruit slices and a gluten free granola bar. I knew it would rise but was moving rather slow yesterday. Then I hear my pump going off low battery shutting down. I know I have batteries but they were in my pack in the car and I needed to wait for the Dr. and then nurse told me they had a spare and she would just put one in for me. I love my Dr.'s office they are great. Sometimes when I am low things like this really can help.

                     So the Dr. comes in and hands me my blood work bad news I am still sub-optimal on my vitamin D levels and have been on and off this year. So I will continue on with the prescription Vitamin D until my next appointment which is not hard its a once a week pill. Then I mentioned by recent appointment to my Retina Specialist who told me that 90 percent of all people with Retinopathy have Kidney issues. I thought that was a really high number to be accurate. So I was really skeptical because I have never heard that before. My Dr. looked at me funny and said Tarra your creatinine levels are currently better than some non-diabetics levels. They said they had checked it several times this year and there is not need to see a Nephrologist at this point because my levels are great. I know my Dr. was upset at the misinformation the Retina Specialist is spreading. I know my Dr. was going to call him personally to discuss the fact that their is not need for me to see a nephrologist. I know I was relieved to hear that their was no reason to go to another specialist. I feel like that is all I do at times. The good news is that the Dr. notice right away the dramatic drop in lows in general which is wonderful. I know except for Friends for Life Conference I had a lot less lows which I am really proud of. I really have to give Duchess credit for the as well. I know she had really helped me to accomplish this goal as well. She is an amazing service dog and best friend.

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