Tuesday, July 23, 2013

At Times Overwhelmed By it All

              Life has always been interesting having Duchess to say the least but I have learned through interactions with people the kind of attention she draws. I know at Friend for Life there was so many people that at times it could be over whelming the attention she would draw. I had lines at times of people wanting to talk about Duchess which is fine I am used to speaking about her, but when there is a line I get a little overwhelmed. I know she will always draw attention but the interesting part is that more people know her name than mine which I find really amusing as well. I knew when I got her that people would notice her but I never dreamed the amount of attention she can draw and how long it would take me to get used to it. I knew the conference would be fun but I never realized how many people wanted to talk about Duchess. I know she is not the only diabetic alert dog around so I assumed that it would not really be a big deal. I was really wrong and I learned next year I need to prepare myself for the many questions that will come. I really enjoyed by experience but at times it makes you feel like you are living under a microscope at times which is never really what I wanted. I always struggled as a kid with the attention I received because of my diabetes and so I always equate that attention in a negative manner. I know there will be questions but hopefully not as overwhelming as this year. I felt at times I never got to eat or stop to take in everything with all the people hanging around.

             I know I have also learned a great deal from these experiences as well. I need to work on pushing on my boundaries and moving beyond what holds me back. I also have learned that for many people I interact with on a regular basis having Duchess brings to light the fact how dangerous my life can be at times for diabetics. I am very used to dealing with that aspect but others are more sensitive to that . I know my bus drivers who I see daily always worry if I don't ride the bus that something may happen or my friends who ride the bus. I know most of the time when I have a bad incident I am not on the bus as usual. I know my family worries about me but I hear the worry more from my friends than I do from my own family I guess my friends who see me more have seen all the crazy things that have happened the past 5 years or so. I am thankful everyday for Duchess who keeps me safe and brings a great deal of positives to my life.  I know I don't think I would be pushing myself as much without here being here with me. I know my new friends from the conference who hung out frequently all got to see and experience the great things a diabetic alert dog can do.


  1. I'm sure it was quite overwhelming. From what little I saw of you (sorry, I was SO freaking busy most of the time) you handled it quite well. Thanks for being so gracious with your energy and educating so many.

  2. Scott I know you were a busy man at the conference. Thank you Scott I try my best. I love the conference but it can be overwhelming as a first timer. I am really looking forward to next years conference. I am hoping we chat more next time.