Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dating Challenges

            I know when I first got Duchess three years ago I was so happy to my have my freedom back again and to feel more at ease being out and about by myself. I knew things would change with having a service animal but in some ways I was surprised how much.  I knew that my dating would change but I was not expecting such a steep decline in being asked out. I know my life has a great deal of scariness to it and different obstacles than some people face. I have found in some ways the one's I have meet in many ways are much better than before because I call  Duchess my personal dating assistant. If she does not like the guy honestly I won't date him. She is such a huge part of my life as well I need to date people who understand that. I know having a service dog screams you have an issue which is not always helpful. I know I have dated some long term friends I have know most recently and it is interesting how much they are accepting of my crazy life. I know I am in a much safer place with Duchess but it was also nice in many ways to feel normal. I do miss my old life where it was just me but I also love the fact that Duchess is with me through the good and the bad. Dating with a service dog can be an extreme challenge but I also have noticed a beautiful dog equals meeting a great deal of people as well. I know the dates I have currently tend to be friends of friends and not some person I meet randomly. This is good because I also have someone else who knows the person which can make dating much easier. I know I am blessed in so many ways but it can be a challenge to add another person to the mix at times.


  1. and the right person will embrase both you and duchess :)