Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good Reminder From Friend

                I know with the recent crazy spikes in my blood sugars I know I am not very happy. I know I will always some what struggle when my blood sugars are not in range even with major effort which does happen. At a conference recently a friend was having his blood sugars put up on a screen which was 312 I think. I have to give him some major credit for having them put up on a screen where everyone could see for a test of several things. I personally would struggle with doing so but I also think we all can learn some lessons from that which is that no matter what our blood sugars we really need to be kind to ourselves Diabetes is the math quiz that you don't always pass or even get most of them right and other times you are right on. I have never meet a person that is well controlled that will tell you it is easy. There is so many factors that can equal low or high blood sugars in my opinion too many. I know I am constantly working on not beating myself up completely when I am making the best effort to handle something that is not easy. I need to remember I am more than my number. I think getting diabetes way back when it was easiest to blame the patient and call them bad if things did not go well or uncompliant. I absolutely hate the work uncompliant in my book my best effort should never be considered uncompliant. I think we all struggle with the feelings we get when high or low but I know we all could learn a great deal from my friend who handled in stride like it was no big deal that his blood sugars were being broadcast for all too see. I know even today I am not a fun of people checking my meter I guess we all at the end of  the day do not want to be judged by our numbers.


  1. :-)

    I've never met a person with a broken pancreas who doesn't see a 312 mg/dl every so often.

  2. It is defiantly part of our lives as diabetics. Even though I would love for it too never happen.