Thursday, August 1, 2013

Looking Back at My Decision

                      I was thinking yesterday about something diabetes related and then I realized that I have never blogged about what happened before I got Duchess. The diabetic alert dog trainer had a Collie that was being trained for me but as we got closer to the date that I would go for training I got a phone call. The trainer said Gus would alert but not to level I would need. I had more lows than the average client so I would need just the right dog to work for me. I know after that phone call I put on hold getting a dog for a while. I needed time to take in how much of a responsibility it would be to get a service dog. I also was really excited about getting Gus so I was really let down that I he would not be my service dog. So I waited a couple of months and told the trainer I would be ready to pick another dog. She had two available that were three months out of the two year training so I would be able to get my dog soon after waiting almost two years. So she sent me the picture of Duchess and I knew instantly she is the one I wanted. They also said they believed she would be the best match the other was a German Shepard but I am more of a lab person. I was so excited to get Duchess when the time came but I really knew after all my research that it was a huge deal with so many things I needed to worry about such as abiding by service dog standards, protecting my service dog with proper equipment, and maintaining training when life is busy. I know all of these are still things I am concerned about three years in. I know that I was very nervous about such a big change in my life even now I have no doubts about my decision. I know sadly I have meet way too many diabetic alert dog in the past couple of months that were begging for food, pulling the handler, popping, and not appropriate behavior in public places. This is not something I like to see because this again reflects badly upon the teams who do make the effort to maintain or try to keep dog within service dog protocols. I am hoping that all people considering getting a diabetic alert dog really take the time to fully consider all the changes positive and negative before jumping into purchasing a diabetic alert dog.

First Picture of Duchess

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