Thursday, August 29, 2013

Great Improvement

I have to give myself some credit this year I have done really well in managing to reduce lows and reduce the number of time assistance is needed when I have a bad low. I have been focusing more on what my body is telling me such as if I am exhausted and I can catch a later bus to work. This has really helped to keep more in better control and also getting the proper amount of sleep really doe help me to avoid more lows during stressful times at these. I have also been having more snacking of low carb items through out the day to reduce the chance of lows as well. I also make sure that I have easy to fix meals during these times because when you are already stressed the last thing you need is more stress. I know I have also been taking Duchess on longer walks to keep her relaxed and focused. She is such a high energy dog and long days really take a lot of planning to keep her happy and working the best of her ability. I know my Endocrinologist and I had a plan and so far so good. I will be Seizure free for a year in September and I am hoping to keep it that way.

Duchess has been alerting very consistently and I think I am finally finding the balance I need to keep during this time of year. I know I have to balance walks, playing, training and downtime for Duchess. Finding the right balance seems to change from time to time. Some times I find she needs more time to play and other times she prefers longer walks. The funny thing is the longer I have her the better I am at getting right what her needs our. The better I get at that the better her alerting.

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