Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Uneducated Staff

                   An interesting part of having a service dog in the workplace is how much attention you can draw doing everyday tasks. I am really shocked at how much people watch me in my everyday routines and work. I know people see if I let people pet Duchess they are watching what I feed her or don't feed her. They are watching what I do during my breaks and lunch. I know I feel like at times I am living under a microscope of sorts. I think when I first started working at this job I expected some attention being payed but I did not expect people to continually watch every move I make at times. I know the managers and supervisors are very aware of what is going on with Duchess and such. I know there is still so much misinformation about service dogs in my office even with my attempts to educate. I know the whole dog toys on the floors is truly an example of this. I know each service dog has different needs but Duchess needs something to do at times. I know my office is boring and I only have two twenty minutes breaks and a portion of my lunch does she have a chance to get out and play. I am frustrated for Duchess because she is the sweetest dog but is not always liked because of unrealistic expectations. I think the people I work with expect Duchess to stay under my desk all day not come out and not play all day. If I was running a dog prison that would be fitting but since I don't it is kind of interesting the perspective. I am surprised by that considering how many people have pets. N0 matter how much training a service dog is still a dog who needs the ability to chew or entertain herself while at work. I work long hours and in a very high stress job and to expect her to no nothing all day is not fair to Duchess. I work with keeping Duchess on her best behavior anywhere we go but treating her like she is in a dog prison to please the uneducated is something I am unwilling to do. I really need to find a way to educate the staff on service animals to avoid petty small complaints because I have a feeling once they understand most of the complaining will stop.

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