Thursday, August 22, 2013

Full of Surprises

                 I have to say having a service dog will always have interesting moments. I was just at the Dentist for a cleaning and Duchess has been there several times before with me to this Dentist. They all love Duchess and thinks she is just incredible and I could not agree more. I know she is never a fan of people poking and prodding at me at Dr.'s or Dentist at the end of the day Duchess is always looking out for me in her own way. She really does love the Dentist but she is not a fan of the tools they use most of the time. It is interesting that every time I got to the Dentist's office now she lays on top of my legs and today she was laying on my chest. She held really still in fact fell asleep on top of me. The office staff were going on and on about what a bond we have. I wish I was able to get a photo of it. She was very well behaved but does not like laying on the floor when I am at the Dentists office so I am okay with her being in the chair. The Dentist thinks it so cute that she loves lays down on my legs and stays there very quietly while I am getting my teeth cleaned. She has never had an issue with all the crazy noises comes from the tools a Dentist uses and she really seems so unfazed by it all. I know she loves the people that work at the office. Well my teeth are clean and Duchess as usual is busy making my life even more interesting. She always seems to surprise me in good ways. I am glad she seems a little more settled today verses the beginning of the week. I am hoping we can keep it that way.

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