Friday, August 23, 2013

Thoughts About Work

                  I have been thinking about my diabetes and how it is affecting my work. I know disabilities are not supposed to impact you at work but most employers know ways around the laws and such. I know because of my past seizures that I will never be able to move up in my current department unless I find another place to work at within my current employer. With such a large employer I can move to another department without them knowing about my previous seizures. A friend I have who also works at the same employer was talking to me about I should create my own position in the diversity section which would handle the growing disabled community on campus.

I was thinking from all my experience in college and working with service dogs I could be an advocate for all the soldiers who have PTSD service dogs and other types of service dogs or disabilities in general. I know with all soldiers coming back and great deal will be heading to college so that means a growing population of people who will need help with issues that arise form having a service dog such as office staff much like I have experienced.

 I had a great deal of issues with professors disagreeing with my right to have my service dog in class and others were really great about it as well. There were times people were allergic to dogs and other times people who are scared of dogs. So I made adjustments to where I would sit in class or who i sat near. Most of the students were accepting of the service dogs but there is always one who thinks having a dog in class is ridiculous because they just don't understand.  I would so love a position where I could educate office staff and faculty about service animals and disabilities in general. I know what it like for the students or staff so I am going to see what will come of my email and see where it goes.

I am not expecting for me to get a job but it is worth a try. I know my current job I am really great at but at the end of the day wish I was doing something else but I am sure what until this conversation. It's worth a shot and not hurt in trying.


  1. That is a great idea!!! You would be great in something like that!

  2. Thanks Sandy. I would love to have a job like that I feel I could help others from my experiences.

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  4. Thanks Susan. I try my best to blog about as much as I can.