Friday, August 16, 2013

Thinking About My Challenges

                    I have been thinking recently a lot about my disability with the recent complaints. I know I don't let my diabetes define me but when you are disabled its not quite that easy. I know I don't let my disability define me but the general public does not view in that manner. I know most people I have meet do let my disability define me in their perspective from what i have learned over the past three years. I know when I tell people I date, go to the movies, shopping, travel, and many other things it seems to really surprise them.

Mind you Duchess does enable me to be able to do some of things but in a much safer manner but my disability does not determine who I am. I know I have turned my challenge into a blog, advocacy, education and into opportunities (motivational speaking). I have never stayed at homed and cried about my challenges I instead look for ways to make things easier and most of time they are . I know I will always have challenges from my diabetes did I know it would get this dramatic not really. I know I had never heard of Hypoglycemia Unawareness until I was diagnosed with it.

 I have to say I have learned so many things from my experience with Duchess. I have to admit I hate the word disability I prefer challenged. It gives it more dignity. I know at the end of the day my disability or challenge has taught me a great deal of things especially about life, challenges and how to solve issues. I have never experience so much conflict, major issues and complaints like I have had from having a service dog. I know these challenges have changed my life and thankfully brought me to the DOC which has changed my life and gave me  the courage to continue to do more. I know telling my story has helped than I can describe. Thanks to everyone for all the support and tweets over the past couple of weeks when I needed it most.

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