Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On Edge But Not Sure Why

                 I know everything has been incredibly stressful recently and continues to be which I expect. What I was not expecting is the issue that is arising from Duchess. I know she is very good at her alerts but I was not expecting her hyper-alerting (over alerting). Anytime my blood sugar moves up or down she is running to tell my coworkers. I think she has not forgotten last years seizures and she seems to be playing off of that. It was a very scary time for both of us and something I wish to never repeat. I am not sure if the high stress in the office is causing her to be on high alert or not. All I know is these days she drives me crazy at times honestly. She thinks any movement of my blood sugar she goes straight into a full blown alert and skips the other steps of her alerting.

The interesting thing is that she does not alert to me either she runs straight to one of my coworkers. They are quite confused because I am fine but she is acting like I am about to have a seizure. Then even after checking my blood sugar she passes back and forth for a bit and then re alerts. I do retest to appease Duchess otherwise she will keep alerting. She is doing this pretty constantly which after a while will drive any person crazy. Most of the time I am dropping really slowly so I am not sure what the rush is for her to alert. She has been so overactive, passing and generally in a constant state of unrest.

 So I am in process of trying  to figure out how to get her to calm down and that everything is fine. but honestly here worrying so much makes me worry which I really don't need because I am extremely stressed by my job. I know during this time of the year the whole office is stressed and I am not sure if she is picking up on that. Duchess is an extremely sensitive dog to where she picks up the tension, emotions, feeling of people. She is very affected by these types of things. I am not sure how I am going to get her back to her normal self but I do appreciate her concern. I am hoping to get the to calm down because she just adds another level of stress I normally don't have. Hopefully today will be better but she seems to get more on edge each day about my blood sugars.

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