Friday, August 9, 2013

Might Have to Call In Some Help

               My latest issues at work still have me very mad. Looks like I have to move to a new location during the busiest time of year and it is less than ideal. I am losing a large amount of space I need and will have no filing cabinets I can use. All these are less than ideal. I really am not happy about this because again my work is more worried about the person complaining than me at the disabled individual. I find it interesting that I am always the one who has to be flexible and accommodating to my coworkers. I really messed in the beginning by being too nice and I am paying the price now. If one more person complains about Duchess's dog toys when I move to my new location I am talking to an attorney and getting my local DARS involved. DARS is Department of Assistive Rehabilitative Services. The DARS program helped me when I applied for my job and got it at UT. They directed me on how to handle issues that arise and ways to communicate what I need to make my job easier. They also helped me with how to handle notifying them I would bringing my service dog to the job etc. I would need to reapply to get assistance but would be very easy to do so. I feel like I need someone on my side of things because I am getting attacked and treated not appropriately considering the situation. I want to make sure I can do my job and have people leave Duchess and I alone. I feel very attacked and it is quite stressful.

               I am hoping once I move to the smaller desk people will leave me alone about Duchess's stuff because if the complaints continue I am going to have to address this issue. I feel people are being overly picky and for no reason except they feel like they can complain. If it is funny if I complained they would ignore me but anyone else does about me they are all about action. HR has really failed me in this issue because again they protect everyone else but me. I am not sure how to resolve the issue but I am really thankful that the State of Texas does have some programs who will come in and represent me to solve the issues. They will meet with HR, manager , supervisor and other people necessary to get this issue resolved quickly and quietly. I am hoping things can be addressed without having to bring in DARS or others to help me with this situation. I feel like as a hard working employee I am being treated very poorly at this point all because of one person who I have a feeling has an alterior motive. So I will play hard ball if I have to but it should never have to get to this point.

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