Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hoping This is the Resolution to the Problem

 I am happy things are turning around for the better at work. The disability coordinator came over and did a workplace assessment and decided a sliding door would be helpful. So I am getting a sliding door the guy is doing an estimate next week so hopefully in the next two months it will go up. They also decided that since everyone is becoming bullies about Duchess they agreed it was an education issue.

The director of my department will be sending out an email with information about service dog with my expectations of how a service dog will be treated in the workplace. I was able to review what would be sent out in the letter. I wanted to make sure it was covering all the complaints as well. They did sneak in a tidbit about the fact that a service dog needs to stay stimulated and ready to work so toys are going to present in the workplace when a service dog is present. I am hoping the complainer will see it an go from there. The letter also talks about how it is being sent out because of a new policy that no dogs are allowed in buildings except for service animals and so people will not really know that it is addressing the most recent issues.

I know the disability advocate wants the department and me to contact her anytime we get a complaint about Duchess because she can better handle these issues and stop them from escalating. I know she agreed with me that if I do move it could create increasing demands from complainers internally. I know she was not happy with the harassment from people in  my office. I think this incident could of ended badly that's why they wanted to be involved.

 I know my department does not want to spend the money on the sliding door but I need to have an environment where Duchess can concentrate on me. I know disabilities can make things difficult but has not cost my work any money. It is really sad to me that as a person who really just wants to be able to work that so many people make it so very difficult when there is no need for it to be that way. I am very hopeful that I will be able to move on. I know during the past several weeks when this started Duchess has been affected by all this. She has been hiding at my feet and does not lay on her dog bed as she normally does. She is always hiding when she is at work and sadly when their is tension she knows. I have handled it all pretty well but I have a feeling that she picking up on the negative energy of the complaining department. Hopefully that will subside soon.


  1. Ugh, I really hate that they have made things so difficult for you! I hope the tide is turning and that things will go much more smoothly from here. Hugs to you and Duchess!!

  2. I know it just adds another level of stress I don't need. I am hoping that is the end of things. Thanks for the hugs I need them after all the stress. Hugs back at you.