Thursday, August 8, 2013

Frustration Does Not Even Begin To Explain How I Feel

 I thought everything was taken care of with the whole work situation concerning people complaining about Duchess having dog toys and her dog cot at work under the desk. I guess they think it should look neater. I am at this point fed up with all the complaining. I understand that it is a large office and things need to be clean but here area is clean but it also had dog toys in the area. I need things at work to keep Duchess stimulated and not completely bored. A 15 minute break twice a day is not enough to keep her entertained all day long but I am tired of all the complaining. I found out yesterday that the manage who approved the purchase of my sliding door left before it was was completely processed. The director thinks I should just move desks to another area but I have issue with that because I have a large space that Duchess is used too. I also have a small fridge on my desk for snacks and juice boxes at work. The fridge is nice because I otherwise would have to head down two flights of step stairs to get to the fridge. I also love the fact that I can store my snacks in the refrigerator as well.

So I am supposed to measure and see where I could move in the office. If I am unable to move or find something comparable I can then get the sliding doors. I know I am right by the aisle way that vendors who visit the purchasing departments pass by but I am still astonished why a couple of dog toys is considered so terrible. I am not going to do anything to accommodate people in my office after the backlash of complaints. I think they will have to deal with this issue and move on. If I say in my current desk they will have to stop complaining about things i am not going to change. I think Duchess being able to work and do her job is more important than making her go without toys at work to please one person. I think my office is so unreasonable and just don't understand that having a service dog is such a delicate balance Duchess needs stimulation during the day from Kongs to dog bones or rubber not squeaky toys. I do not allow her to have noisy toys so its not a noise issue but just a general lack of understanding. I never realized how hard it would be to have a service dog at work. I just want to pull my hair out and scream.


  1. Sometimes you wonder what makes people act so unreasonably. Although I know I wouldn't be allowed to pet your dog, I can't imagine anything nicer than having her around. I think that animals help make us much nicer people.

  2. I think most people like having her there but several don't like dogs in general. Having a service dog a work had proved incredibly difficult that last couple of months.